PokèFact:the mistery of Missingno. in Pokemon 1st gen

Posted on September 3, 2012 - 1:15pm by redhotchillibrothers


Well Howdy young trainer welcome to my 1st VG fact today talking  about one of the many misteries of the Pokèmon universe so lest begin

Missingno. is for most of the ppl a facination,a pokèmon that can change radically your game for the good way or the bad way.

Missingno. is know as a space filler on the cartridge wich is telled to fill 15 slots but the truth is that it fills less since there are alternate Missingnos for example the Missingno. called:M'

Missingno. wasnt erased from the newest games but its unfindable unless you use a gameshark or an Action Replay but in the 1st pokemon games there is a way to catch him.

in red and blue go to the Old Man's demonstration to catch pokemon,fly to a certain town and use surf,stay in the place that your pokemon is standing  when you enter the water and go up then down for a while though there is a 1 in a million chances that Missingno. will appear its not impossible.

some ppl use Missingno. as a tool to duplicate items and some other stuff but it can also trigger certain glitches on the sprites.

Missingno. is what i like to call the glitch pokèmon since it can battle using normal pokemon moves and if you look at it well its made from parts of the different pokemons sprites.

Well thats all on this VG Fact,tell me if you want another fact and about what would you like it.


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