Pokémon- My Journeys & Experiences Part 2: GBA

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Hello again! Welcome to my second blog in the series “Pokémon- My Journeys & Experiences.” This will recount my experiences with the 3rd Generation of Pokémon games on the GBA, including Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Fire Red & Leaf Green. In case you missed part one, here is the link:


Don’t be afraid to drop me a comment on this or the previous blog, I respect criticism (not griefing) and always seek to improve my work. In this blog I will recount my many adventures and experiences in the grand world of Pokémon! So sit tight and let the journey begin!

By the time I was done with Crystal, my interest in Pokémon was only growing. I was what some would say “obsessed;” I played the games, talked about them, and collected all the merchandise I could constantly. My parents never really supported me in this. In fact, they often tried to discourage me from all this and the more I came to love the series, the more they came to despise it. Nevertheless, I was still able to get the third generation of games when they came out.

I started with Ruby Version. I was ecstatic at its release and got it as soon as possible. It was a brand new adventure in a brand new world; no more connections to the Kanto aside from a few commonly shared Pokémon (including goddamn Zubat and his Supersonic/Confuse Ray moves DX). I got it on a Friday, and stayed up as late as I could adventuring with my brand new Torchic (my second favourite starter). AGAIN, I only trained my Torchic, and it became way overpowered. However, this was the LAST Pokémon game I only trained one Pokémon (namely my starters); after my first play through I began training teams of them (the non-noobish and standard way).

The Hoenn was a great region; it contained the greatest variety of environments and unusual Pokémon I had seen up to that point (I remember learning that Trapinch evolved into Vibrava; I was quite shocked and didn’t even believe my friends until I confirmed it). Once again, the graphics were a huge leap (even more so than R/B/Y to G/S/C) with the GBA’s “incredible” graphical horsepower (compared to the GBC). R/S/E also had some of my favourite music from any Pokémon games.

By Saturday morning, I had beaten Roxanne, the first gym leader. I remember feeling so proud of myself and proclaiming my victory to my parents and siblings. Later that day, I defeated Brawly (the second gym leader) and had gotten to Slateport City. I was soon stuck because of that line of Team Magma Grunts in front of the museum (for those of you that have played through the game, you know exactly what I’m talking about) and that had me frustrated for a while. However, the part that I was stuck at for the longest time was when you had to find Seafloor Cavern and stop Team Magma; I ended up wandering around for days (in real life time intervals) just trying to figure out what to do and then searching for the cavern for several hours!

The gym leader that gave me the most trouble in this game was Winona, the 6th Flying-type gym leader. That Altaria was brutal with its combination of Earthquake and Aerial Ace, and worst of all my overpowered Blaziken’s moves were not very effective (before this, I had just powered through everything with either Double Kick or Blaze Kick XD).

*Note: I originally started off with Treecko, but restarted Ruby within several minutes after choosing it. There was nothing wrong with it (in fact I like Treecko very much; my second favourite Grass-type starter besides... well I’ll get to that in the future blog!), I just wanted Torchic more. In fact, I have no idea why exactly I briefly chose Treecko over Torchic; I generally like the Fire-type starters better (with the exception on the 4th & 5th generations).

My team on my first play thorough on Ruby:
  • Blaziken
  • Groudon


During my next birthday (a couple months after I got Ruby), I received Sapphire Version as well. However, I cannot remember what my original team on it was; I have simply restarted it too many times. I would restart, then play and obtain powerful or rare Pokémon, then trade them over to Ruby (and later Emerald) and repeat the process. I do remember that my original starter was Treecko and I ended up with a Sceptile (I believe it is now on my Platinum Version; not quite sure though). I wish I could recount all the details of my team, but unfortunately, those memories have been long forgotten.

My team on my first play thorough on Sapphire:
  • Sceptile?
  • Kyogre


A couple years later, Emerald Version was released. I also got this too (that’s right, I have all three of the third gen games). Emerald was a more refined and well done experience. All my favourite memories were unaltered, and new ones were added. The gym leaders were much tougher now, but luckily I had a TEAM of well-trained Pokémon to help me out. My team was nothing too special; it consisted of Blaziken (again), Mightyena, and Gardevoir. This “triumvirate,” if you will, was quite enough to get me through the entire game without the chronic problems I have now (mostly undertraining because of my 5-6 Pokémon teams).

I enjoyed Emerald the most out of the three; the challenges were tougher and I knew exactly what to do (no more endlessly wandering for hours on end, although, maybe that’s what made me appreciate beating the game and the game itself so much...). I also really appreciated the fact that you could get a lvl 70 Rayquaza before you beat the game, which I promptly added to my team before I challenged the Elite Four (Drake, probably the toughest and coolest Elite Four ever, was no longer a problem because of it).

The Battle Frontier was like a whole new world to explore. It was a great addition to the game and really gave me something to do after I beat the game. Experimenting with all new challenges and ways to battle was both exciting and frustrating (goddamn Battle Palace... *grumble grumble*). I quickly fell in love with the Battle Dome because of its rather straight-forward style (and possibly because I could check my opponent’s Pokémon... XD ). However, I never achieved a single Symbol until recently. Before now, I could only reach the Pike Queen and would quickly be destroyed by her Shuckle and/or Milotic. Milotic remains one of the most infamous Pokémon to me; I always have a tough time taking them down and they always seem to frustrate me to no end.

*Note: After I beat the game, I began training random Pokémon and added a couple to my team. Although there were a few, I can only remember Walrein. However, I do not consider these Pokémon as part of my team because they were added after I beat the Champion.

My team on my first play through on Emerald:
  • Blaziken
  • Gardevoir
  • Mightyena
  • Rayquaza


In addition to the 3rd Generation, I also got both Fire Red and Leaf Green. Although they are remakes, I feel they are worth mentioning. Like Emerald, they were a more refined experience that I enjoyed (although nothing could compare to the nostalgia of Yellow). And like Sapphire, I cannot remember my teams. On Leaf Green I ended up with a Venusaur and Fire Red a Charizard. I did train teams, but those have been long ago forgotten and/or deleted; I traded many to Emerald and later drained the games of all their Pokémon in migrations to Pearl and restarted like with Sapphire. I didn’t mind the addition of the Sevii Islands; they gave you extra training for the Elite Four and afterward, Johto Pokémon. I never got into the Team Rocket storyline after with all the stones and stuff, perhaps I’ll look into it in the future (but I wouldn’t mind if any of you g1s point me in the right direction). In all, they were pretty much the same as R/B/Y with better graphics.

Alright, now its time for those remixes (all from the Hoenn of course):

Another PokeRemixStudio song; I really love his work! This is the Rival battle music.

By PokeRemixStudio. The Elite Four theme.

And lastly, the Legendary battle theme (by PokeRemixStudio). Enjoy!


Hope you guys enjoyed my blog, and like I said, don't be afraid to drop me a comment below. Coming soon(ish): Pokémon- My Journeys & Experiences Part 3: D/P/P!

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