Pokefan Rant: Annoying Fanboys Ruining Pokemon

Posted on August 15, 2012 - 12:39pm by KabalsUmbreon180

 Though I usually hate to, I just have to rant about a specific group of Pokémon fans because they have popped up more recently since Pokémon Black & White 2 are around the corner. With each new generation of Pokémon being released, the Pokémon fanbase seems to become more divided on when the series hit its peak, especially once the graphics upgraded from 8-bit to 32-bit. However, there is one division that has stirred the most trouble throughout Pokémon blogs and Pokémemes and those fans are known as Genwunners. If you read it name through syllables, you would think that this division includes all that only liked Generation I of Pokémon but let me clarify things.


There are many differences between a person who just likes Generation I and a Genwunner. If you thought that you were just too old to keep playing the game, I know what you mean because I had dealt through that phase for a couple of years myself. I also understand if you were never able to get a Game Boy Advanced or Nintendo DS because I myself actually had to wait until late last year to get a DS.

And if you quit because of these two, every Pokemon fan will understand you

Gunrunners are typically annoying to a point that Acreus’ judgment should send them to Pokéhell filled with Zubats, Bidoofs and Patraps. In order to be a Genwunner, these are some of my qualifications.

Always talking trash about the later Pokémon Games:

This is the only necessary qualifications on this list because no Genwunner can resist bashing the later generations of Pokémon while the other qualifications are icing on this sour cake. I’m a huge fan of Pokémon fandom sites like Pokememes since there are some pretty enjoyable pictures and discussions until some annoying brat uploads or writes hateful crap about why a specific game or Pokémon suck while glorifying Generation I as the best. Generation V takes the most attacks from Genwunners because of Pokémon like Vanillish and just keep spamming garbage about the games themselves. Genwunners always talk about how gameplay and music in Pokémon Black &White are trash and my theory like many Pokémon fans is that these people have probably never played the games since Generation V showed off some great new features like the triple/rotation battles and had one of the best stories in the whole series. Someone disagreeing is fine as long as they played the whole game and doesn’t make a huge nuisance about it but Genwunners always complain about the game even though most didn’t finish or even play the game at all and just love to hate on the new games because that’s the cool thing to do.

They only see a Generation through their oddities:

Originally I was going to write that Genwunners always talk about the lack of creativity but most of us agree that the creativity level has decreased but look, if any games has five generations, creativity is bound to lower. The difference is that Genwunners only see a whole generation of Pokémon as over one hundred of the generation dumbest Pokémon like all Pokémon in Generation V as 156 Vanillish or all Pokémon from Generation IV as 107 Bidoofs. Genwunners also talk about how Generation V is just taking ideas from Generation I so it’s just trying to copy the “best generation ever” but some ideas like a snake or a dog is used in many generations but tweaked. Even awesome legendries including Meloletta and Darkrai to a Genwunner are seem as crap since in their mind, no Pokémon can be cool unless they are from Generation I.

No matter the situation, all Kanto Pokémon are superior to any other region:

Genwunners I’ve seen always brag about how Generation l Pokémon are the most powerful and amazing Pokémon however, the rest can never be better than Kanto Pokémon. As I discussed a little earlier, the later generations tried to reuse some concepts from Generation 1 including Muk to create Garbodor as well as Arbok to create Seviper and they look awesome. However, in a Genwunner’s mind they are abominations but the original concepts are amazing. Generation V being the reboot of the franchise borrowed several ideas from the past generations in order to create their 156 Pokémon and in my opinion some look way better than the original 151 like Leavanny’s evolution line and Joltik. In addition, some of the additional evolutions for Generation I Pokémon including Scizor, Porygon-2, Electivire and especially Crobat were badass while pre-evolutions like Pichu were adorable. Say that to a Genwunner and they’ll start harassing you similar to those twelve year old playing Call of Duty and using racial slurs every five seconds as well as shoving their beliefs of Kanto being superior down your throat, you can’t win against them in their minds.


Why I hate Genwunners:

In my mind, Genwunners are the worst fanboys in all of gaming (yes, even worse than sonic fanboys) because they always try to further divide the Pokémon fanbase into only enjoying the first Generation meaning that only 151 out of 649 Pokémon should be recognized and rest thrown away. However, my biggest reason is that they act like elitist pricks and tell younger children like their younger siblings who want to buy the later generations that all the new Pokémon suck and only Generation I should be played like they’re some Pokémon genius. Before I say more, I’m going to remind you about a question a long while back on Sidescrollers which was

“If you had a child who wanted a video game for his birthday that you knew was sub-par, would you get it for him, or talk him into getting a better one?”

The answers that Craig, Chad and Jared said about the child glorifying the bad game and hating the game you considered better in a sense is true for the Pokémon community because a new division of Pokémon fanboys known as Newgenners who always rant about how the old Pokémon games suck and see the later generations as the best was formed from probably the children who were told by Genwunners the opposite and went through the same scenario the Sidescrollers crew discussed about.

They are just as annoying as Genwunners!

Now all I see on Pokémon sites is a rant battle between Genwunners and Newgenners while there is everyone else stuck in the middle like me and many of you just want both groups to shut up or wanting to quit because our community is just dividing more and more. Every day I see a new post about how Generation V sucks or how Generation I is terrible and all I could think about is that both sides should just agree to disagree and get on with their lives. I hate both groups and I thank many from the Pokémon community who stepped up and voiced about their annoyance of the two groups and I just had to do it myself.

I feel so much better now after ranting about this. So g1’s, what are your opinions about Genwunners, do you have any stories about them or would you like to share your thoughts about them. Comment below and remember, no franchise fanbase should be divided and it’s okay to agree to disagree. Thank you and until next time.

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