Pokemon creepy pasta rom hacks .

Posted on August 22, 2012 - 7:13pm by THEBERALE02

Ghost: I curse you. You must play severall games i choose and talk about them.

Me: Why ghost,what did i do.

Ghost: You refused to give the top ten of my type of pokemon. Instead you chose Dragon,Psychic and Dark.

Me: Ok, whats the worse than can happen

Game one:Escape Lavender Town

In this game, you have to attempt to escape a creepy purple lavender town. After getting stuck,you are forced to press the escape button which causes some creepy stuff to happen.

Ghost: great job, you survived my first fucked up game

Me: Give me the second game, it cant be any creepier

Game two: Lost Silver

another freakin creepy game. This game is unsettiling in its music, the fact that the unowns spell words and the ripping off of your characters flesh on the Badge info screen.

Ghost: You survived, how dare you. The next game you won't survive.

Me: that game was fucking creepy, how can it get any creepier

Game three: Buried Alive simulation

I swear to god, that is tne creepiest freakin thing ive ever seen.Why the hell is a living corpse in the freaking game. That picture of the corpse strangling you at the end is the scariest freakin part.

me: ghost,i survuved what next

Ghost: this

Part Four: Lonlieness

THEBERALE02 did not survive, so i ghost will be taking over THEBERALE02's channel.

Thank you for reading another excellent and interesting blog post by Ghost.

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