Pokemon Dream Radar has Special Extensions

Posted on November 5, 2012 - 11:00am by Kaibaman41

The Pokemon Dream Radar has been out since Pokemon White and Black 2 released in the US and the UK. Although there are Special Extensions for the Japanese Version (which sadly for now doesn't work on the localized games), but we do have codes that activate three Extensions for Western versions...Yes you heard that right a secret CODE! And yes these codes took gamers a month to figure  out.

I'm not sure how exactly, but bravo to the first ones that discovered these and shared them with the world! Anyway, these particular Extensions only have one Pokemon in them and plenty of Dream Orbs which will help you on your quest to capture the Legendary Pokemon featured in the Dream Radar and best of all you can enter the codes multiple times!

Down below are the Codes and their Extensions

  • Special Extension 1: Up, Right, Down, Left, X, R, L and unlocks Beldum
  • Special Extension 2: Up, Down, Right, Left, Y, R, L and this unlocks Slowpoke
  • Special Extension 3: R, L, Y, X, Left, Right, Y, X  and this unlocks Hoothoot

Also you can only enter these codes once you push start on the Dream Radar

What are g1s thoughts on these Codes in the Dream Radar?

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