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A portion of Aliens: Colonial Marines was outsourced to Section 8’s TimeGate studios

2/12/13 3:02pm

It is coming through the news wire that Gearbox was not the only developer on Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Superannuation, uber gaming sleuth, has discovered that a majority of the game was outsourced to Houston-based developer TimeGate Studios. Here is what the ex-employee revealed

"I used to work at Gearbox, and the development of that game has been a total train wreck, going on what, six years now?... Gearbox isn't even making the game, except for the multiplayer. Primary development was outsourced to TimeGate Studios, which has a less than stellar past."

TimeGate Studios are most famous for their work on Section 8 and the FEAR expansions. Other studios were part of the process including Demiurge Studios and Nerve Software. Regardless of what was outsourced to whom, it looks like Aliens: Colonial Marines had a spotty development, and the end product may have suffered for it.

Expect our review early next week.

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