Power Rankings - Week 1

Posted on October 3, 2011 - 3:00pm by Sean Hinz

We want to start a new feature on the site, where we take the various platforms of video game culture and pit them against each other. We will be basing our ranking on things like: number of stories on the site, number of views per story, weekly sales results (@VGchartz), and just overall mood around the office. Since we don't quite have all the aggregation tools ready, I am going to rank them on personal preference today. Perk of the job. So here it is g1s, the first official Power Ranking post! Let's meet the combatants.


PS3 - I just happen to like my PS3 a lot. Maybe it's because I am a Playstation Plus "tool" or because of my long-term relationship with my PS2. It doesn't matter though, the PS3 gets a freebie from me. Ichiban!


Xbox 360 - Home of some of my favorite first-party titles, the Xbox 360 is getting long in the tooth. To ensure the Xbox 360 walks away as an industry leader this generation, Microsoft created Kinect... oh and more Halo! Still a great system, with an awesome community.


iOS - based solely on the amount of time I spend playing this while pooping. It is probably the platform I play most. I poop a lot...


PC - Rocks the middle of the list because of the mod community and console commands. Though I hate trying to configure everything when trying to get a game to run. WASD.


PSP/Vita - while I want to love these mobile Sony devices, I still need convincing. Once I get my hands on a Vita, my opinion may change, but for now they are not so hot.


DS/3DS - these were once kicking ass in the top three, but there are fewer and fewer titles that interest me. Frankly, I won't even buy a 3DS since they announced the "slide pad". I would rather be cautious and get the re-design.


Wii - Hah! I waited in line for 6 hours to get this damn thing. Played it for all the first-party titles and never look back. Now it collects dust as I wait on Skyward Sword. Wii, you sure had me fooled.


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