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Press the Action Button #62: Rage Quit Hash Brown

10/22/11 8:44pm



We recorded this about two weeks ago. I was joined by Slackerchan, Gameface, T-Bag and D-Pad. The topics for this week were Team Bondi is closing, there is a new Transformers movie, the Halo movie has hope again, Sony is starting a new "only on PSN" program and Microsoft has a new 3D camera that profiles you to hell and back. It was a great episode and was highly enjoyable to make. I hope that comes through and makes it enjoyable to listen to. The sound music for this week is more of the Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal soundtrack.

I am sorry that this one is going up so late everyone. We have nad a mutlitude of problems. I had to fly home for something family related. I talked about that last time. We went to Conneticut last week. We came home. My laptop decided to not work. I didn't get to edit this a week ago when it was fresh. I had to edit it on my friends computer, so it took me three days to do so. It has been a mess. The next one is probably going to be late, as well. My computer is not fixed yet.

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