Project CARS showing off Wii U's capabilities

Posted on October 8, 2013 - 8:00pm by -Mazer

It's been a while since I wrote a new blog concerning the gaming world, but this one seems too interesting for me to pass up. Slightly Mad Studios - the company who is responsible for Project CARS - has released their latest change logs for the Wii U port of their game.

Several video-game websites have scoured through these logs and they have discovered some very interesting little tidbits concerning the Wii U version of the game. has gone over the logs and here is what they have to say thus far:

"We find out some neat details, such as the system making use of multi-threaded shadow renders, which means that the shadows will render quickly and in a high quality on Nintendo's system. There's also a mention of increased thread priorities, the HUD being optimized, along with being able to rotate HUD objects (which seems to hint at using the GamePad to potentially change their orientation).

Also worth noting is that just about all the high dynamic physics from the PC version seems to be making the jump onto the Wii, including car damage, tire buckling and ride height adjustments."

Whereas Nintendo Enthusiast has noticed that the threading techniques that the studio is using proves that the Wii U's CPU has not been maximized as of yet.

"Other information about the Wii U version that isn’t widely known is that the game appears to only be using 1 out of the 3 cores available for use on the Wii U, something Shin’en Multimedia has admitted to only be using for it’s Wii U eShop game, Nano Assault Neo."

Furthermore, Project CARS is already guaranteed to be at 720p while maintaining 30 fps but the most impressive thing is that it is using shaders and Direct X 11 equivalent graphics when many developers and publishers claimed that this is just not possible.

So it would seem that, as of now, people have been too quick to write off Nintendo's little machine. Of course, we still need to get a chance to see CARS in action before we can be 100% certain that these claims and changelogs are valid, but for now it sounds like things are looking up in the world of Wii U.

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