Project Sora Closes It's Doors

Posted on July 12, 2012 - 7:00am by LSDreamscape

Editor's Note: Another studio closure? Damn. Sharing these stories never gets any easier. 

The studio created by Satoru Iwata and former HAL Laboratory employee Masahiro Sakurai (of Kirby and Super Smah Bros. fame) is officially closing its doors and shutting down all projects.

According to its official website, the studio claims the office closed on June 30 and the website will go down on July 31. A sad reality at work here.

The studio produced only one title during it's three-year run starting in 2009, Kid Icarus: Uprising  for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo recently announced that Sakurai would be part of the development process for the new Smash Bros. title with Namco Bandai.

It's a really sad day for the people the studio employed and for gamers all around. I don't know about you but when gaming studios shut down, I feel a bit sad inside. It's times like these that we have to send our support to the good people who worked at Project Sora and hope that they can land on their feet after losing their jobs. Send them your love and support g1's.

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