Project X Zone is not doing so well in Japan

Posted on October 29, 2012 - 12:00pm by Kaibaman41

Update: As many have pointed out, there are conflicting reports on how well Project X Zone is really doing. Clearly looking at the weekly data below, sales haven't been as hot, but overall sales have been fairly positive with over 90,000 units sold! Whether or not this translates into a localized copy coming to the west has yet to be seen. We will obviously follow this game and keep you informed of any additional changes. 

A lot of people like me think the concept of Project X Zone looks pretty damn cool! But in Japan, sales since its release October 11th aren't looking good. The Anime News Network has released a sales list of games in Japan (via how many copies sold, not shipped), with #1 being Danboru Senki W for the PSP having a total of 77,457 copies sold on PSP. Resident Evil 6 having a total of 42,234 copies sold and Bravely Default selling 41,430 copies. Thus far, that's the top 3. Project X Zone however is # 11 in the rankings with a total of 12,450 total copies sold... ouch!

Yeah the game isn't doing well right now, despite all the hype it got. This could be because it was released at a bad time... I was really wanting this game to be localized, even though the chances are looking kinda slim. But the ironic thing is a Vita version of Danboru Senki W is waaaaaaaaaaay lower in the rankings. How low you may ask? How about #8 with about a total of 16,842 copies sold.The Vita once again got burned in sales.

Anyway g1s what are your thoughts on why Project X Zone might not be doing so well in Japan?

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