PS3 Blinking Red Light Of Death? Hold The Power Button Down Until The Debug Menu Comes up

Posted on August 23, 2012 - 1:12pm by ilovewebby


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Sitting in front of the TV, eyes glued on the PS3 game you are playing, body all tensed and energy ready to burst from the next move that you plan to make and then boom! The red light of death suddenly attacks after about ten minutes into the game and shuts it off!

A lot of PS3 users are greatly dismayed about this unusual problem. Such an expensive gadget and it gives up on you in a year or so. Could there be any possible fix for this? It’s so funny to read and research about how to resolve this. Some would say that the best fix for this is to go out and get you a new one. Wow what a great idea. But it does make sense. Instead of stressing yourself with turning the unit off and back on again, pressing the buttons and whatnots and nothing happen, yeah go out and buy one.

But then that is not how reality happens. You have to ask for money from your parents to buy another PS3 (if you are not earning money yet) and I am very sure how their face will look like when you go and tell them. First you get scared to tell them probably thinking that they will blame you, and second you feel that it might just work if you do something to get it fixed.

So let us borrow a leaf from my friend, a Clearwater Graphic Artist, who tipped me on how he managed to fix the PS3. Okay so turning it off and on didn’t give it an auto fix. One thing he did was to press and hold the power button down, waited for a few seconds until the debug menu was up and then checked his options from there. He heard 2 beeps before it started again. He  warned that anyone trying to fix it as he did  might lose all the information about the games you played and saved though. But hey don’t get sad. Which is which, losing all the info or losing the PS3 altogether? Apparently this happens mostly to PS3 60gbs. How to buy a PS3?

You can also try the manufacturer website for swap-in promos or hope for an extended warranty program. Who knows but you might just end up lucky. One good thing to do is to always back up information or games from your PS3 so that if in case the red light blinking of death strikes, you won’t feel as if the sky has fallen down on you.

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