[PSA] First of the month update to ScrewAttack and blogs

Posted on October 1, 2012 - 7:00pm by Sean Hinz

Hey g1s, here are the latest updates you should have seen around the site during the month of September, followed by all the changes we’re working on for the month of October. Let’s start with the fixes that have already been put in place.

September Improvements:

  1. It works and has a new coat of paint.
  2. Spell Check is working.
  3. You can now paste from a word processor into the Editor and save your formatting.
  4. We’ve added Font Colors & Sizes.
  5. The only downside is that we do not have the “Embed HTML” button (for now). While I work on a fix, please remember you can still embed any HTML code (like say a YouTube video), by pasting in the Source Code (button in top left corner).
  • Forums are back!
  • We have also created an option that will allow me to retain the original URL for a g1 post. In the event that there is some appropriate reason a title must be changed (i.e. misspelling a word), we can correct it without losing a content creator’s social media traffic from sharing said link.
  • We have also fixed the Classics button at the bottom of the top page. Take it for a spin and make sure you don’t run into any hiccups.
  • Many of you have also noticed the new chat box to right hand side of the video for our live shows. We implemented it during the Kickstarter finale, but have been using it for every Screwin’ Around ever since and I think you g1s are enjoying it!

October Improvements:

So let’s shift gears from patting ourselves on the back and show you guys what we are specifically working on October. From a maintenance perspective, we are obviously working to squash a few bugs here or there.

Don’t forget if you are experiencing any sort of compatibility issues should feel free to submit those to tips@screwattack.com. Details like operating system, browser, version, and screenshots help us track those issues down. Additionally we plan to fix two major things this month and are developing something entirely new. Onto the bigger and better:

  • The first thing is the top page feeds at the bottom “Top Stories Today” and “Popular g1 Posts”. Since moving to a more community oriented site, these feeds are redundant and you probably notice there are a lot of the same post being featured. We will finally have the budget to correct this and will be changing the right feed from  “Popular g1 Posts” to “Top g1 Videos”, thus bringing more attention to the community and the great content you guys are creating.
  • The second major fix is the Poll system. Zillas will need to dig deep, but they are going to be working to resolve those pesky authentication issues we’ve all been experiencing. That way everyone can vote for Ben Shepard to be a dick more easily. Renegade all the way bitches!

New Development:

So what is the big big change coming next? Well not to put too much pressure on Zillas, but the big focus for October is Notifications. We understand this is a bit frustrating, but I want to make sure this is completed with affecting your experience on the site. Since, development is a tricky art form and there are sure to be bumps along the way, we will keep you informed on our progress.

So now you know what the devs and I will be working on for the next thirty days or so. Be sure to post any questions or concerns you have in the comments. 

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