[PSA] ScrewAttack's blogging Editor gets an update

Posted on September 13, 2012 - 4:57pm by Sean Hinz

Hey g1s,

As I announced on Twitter last night, there was a slight downgrade, then upgrade to the blogging system on ScrewAttack. First and foremost, sorry there wasn't more of a warning. When I initially updated you regarding the FireFox issue, I was not aware that the bug fix actually required installing a new Editor in the blogging tools on the site.

Thankfully there should be no more issues with browser compatibility and the blog tools on ScrewAttack. Since the new Editor is here to stay, let's talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  • First off, it works! I wager it has all the necessary components you need to create content on ScrewAttack. And while I will go through some minor details later, altogether Zillas did a great job upgrading the Editor.
  • Spell Check was fixed! Yup this new Editor has a nice Spell Check module and it is working. I encourage everyone to start using it.
  • Formatting in an Word Processor will now translate formatting to the Editor. So if you use bold, underline, or any other font modifications in Word, you can copy/paste into the Editor and retain the text formatting.
  • Templates could be a great new feature, but we will need to test it more. For now, I would NOT recommend using that new button.
  • Fonts, honestly we may not keep this new feature. We prefer using one font on the site for our Body text. Please don't rage, it really isn't that important.

The BAD:

  • Styles drop down currently not working. Zillas are aware of this and are working on a fix.
  • The Blocks feature is not visible. It is still working if you look in the Source Code, but the UI doesn't reflect that. I would like to return it to normal.
  • Where did the embed HTML button go? Zillas are working on this and in the interim you can open the Source Code and embed an video via HTML in there.  


  • The Body background color and font looks terrible together while editing (black on dark blue or gray). Seriously, this will be fixed ASAP because it is agitating my OCD to have to look at this at least eighteen times a day.

There will be a few other fixes coming soon in addition to the four listed above. I appreciate everyone being so patient about this and feel free to raise any questions or concerns in the comments. I will be happy to reply.

Anyone with a compatibility issue should feel free to submit those to tips@screwattack.com. Details like operating system, browser, version, and screenshots help us track those issues down.

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