Putting the team first in FPS's

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WARNING! Because I'm not native English speaker let alone writer please understand my grammatical wonkiness WARNING!

 Putting the team first in FPS's

It's been very long time since I last cared about amount of score I had in multiplayer games. For me it has always been more important to help the team than get good stats for myself. Of course one might say that this is because I'm not very good at games that I play and honestly I can't argue with that.

Any way I decided to collect some of my playing experiences from few games that I play and help thous who might not be intersted in stats to contribute more for the sake of the team. The games that I will talk about are Counter Strike (1.6, Source, GO) and Natural Selection 2. I would also like to speak about games like Call of Duty or Battlefield but honestly I just don't have enough experience from thous game series to contribute anything useful.


CS aka. Counter Strike

Too often players in public servers only think about their kill to death ratio. But in reality the team that has better kdr doesn't always win. This is mainly because CS is objective based shooter. Most of the players of course know of this, but still can't but the needs of the team ahead of their own needs.

Few easy things that you can do to help your team:


If the friendly fire is on be careful where you shoot and where the team mates are.
This includes the notion that you wont run in front of your friends that are taking aim. It is much better to run behind of them than in front.


Planting the bomb


If the map is de_ based and you are terrorist, your main objective is to plant the bomb. If you have the bomb but aren't willing to go to the danger territory it is better to give it to someone else. I can remember numerous occasion where the whole team is on the bomb place except one camper that has the bomb.
The other important thing is to cover the guy that is planting the bomb. Many times every second counts and sometimes the win can be decided with few seconds difference in the planting phase.
Also it helps always to plant the bomb in spot that it is easy to guard (the flip side of this is that many times the opponents also have good view of this point making planting bit more dangerous).


Protecting the bomb

After the bomb is planted it is more important to delay the CT forces than kill them. Of course if there are no CT players alive they are well delayed. My personal preference if the CT's are close is to peek and hide. This is to get the CT's more interested in me than the bomb. Of course this usually means that you will die with the explosion but it also gives your team win if done successfully.


Protecting the bomb places.

Because there are 2 bomb places it is always important to decide how to protect them. Should you go whit the main force or should you go with the minority or even alone so you can spot if the terrorist are rushing the other bomb place. Every once and while I try to scout as soon as possible where the terrorist are headed. Of course if you are playing against good players this might mean almost certain death. If you die before you can give the location of the enemy to your team mates your life has gone to waste.

If you are alone protecting the bomb place where terrorist go. Try to inform your team about it and hold your position as long as you can so the terrorist won't get to fortify their position before the reinforcement arrive.


Defusing the bomb

If the terrorist get successful plant you have to defuse the bomb. If someone has defuse-kit he should always get the priority to defuse the bomb. So try not be too selfish with the defuse points. Also remember that there always can be terrorist hiding near the bomb so if you have time you can fake defuse (start and end the defusing) and look for bullet flying above your head.


Natural Selection 2

Firs of all this is great FPS RTS game with two totally different sides.

Official website: http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_Selection_2

In short game is about marines vs aliens. Both teams have commander that can build structures etc. and game play leans heavily on teamwork.

Now I except that you have some basic knowledge of the game. (I might write article entirely about Natural Selection 2 later)

(I have to point out that I haven't had to change to play the game for a while my information might be bit outdated).



Marines need more team work than aliens. You cant survive alone. But you can scout the map alone knowing that you might die. Also because you really don't lose anything too important if you die (assuming you haven’t bought any weapons or equipment) you should consider better to die than to hide, of course you should keep on an eye on re spawn line. If there isn't anyone else dead then your team won't get to problems for long re-spawn times.
You have to build structures and protect them. Because everything that you build cost res but your re-spawn doesn't you should always chose to save structures over saving yourself (of course many times if you die then your team will also lose the building but the way that I see it is that if you lose the structure and you are still alive you have failed).



In alien team you have different life forms. If you can you should always try to protect your team mates that have more expensive life forms. And because aliens also have gorge lifeforms that works as builder/healer you should give it a try if you can't get hang of the other offensive based lifeforms at first. Because aliens are much more independent than marines I don't have much more to say in this point. (I admit that there are much better people to speak about this game but I really like NS2 so I decided to write at least few words about it here).

(In hindsight it could have been better to write more about the Natural Selection 2 before I wrote this blog post, because it might not be as well known game as CS)


PS. I'm currently in the position where I have the need to write as much as possible. I write for my own enjoyment so I can't guarantee very interesting text content quality.

PPS. I need to find more time to play games or I have to start writing fictional game reviews of fictional games.

PPPS. Didn't remember thing like hash tags. This internet writing thingy is very hard.

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