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Posted on June 3, 2012 - 12:41am by Seraphna


My Verdict? An excellent game, if you enjoy Zombies, Adventure Games, and Social Dynamics.

  Story: Amazing, well crafted, it feels like an animated episode of the show, a living incarnation of the comics. I loved it. It all comes together nicely and you can see where it crosses over with the story. (Episode 1 occurs before the main character in the TV series wakes up.)

Gameplay: This game sort of plays like other Telltale games and sort of doesn't. There's very minimal puzzle solving here, a few seek and find events, but the real challenge is in zombie killing. (There's even a sequence where you need to kill 7 zombies in stealth). The social dynamic in the game is awesome, you will face 5 really tough choices and the people you are surviving with will take note of your actions and react accordingly. It really feels like what you do will change the story.

Graphics: Really nicely done, while Telltale usually gets cartoony, odd looks, it works for this series, as it's in tune with the comics. Even looks like the comics. It's a real pleasure to watch things unfold.

Interesting Note: Other Telltale games have come out in 5 episodes, each a separate title. This time they released the game as one title which adds more content via DLC, this allowed them to treat the title as a "full game" over Live and PSN, Trophies are therefore treated as such, you can "Platinum" on this game by completing all 5 episodes. A nice little treat.

Verdict: 20 bucks well spent for all 5 episodes. This is an immediate buy, get the subscription pack!

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