Rage mega-textures don't play well with PC

Posted on October 4, 2011 - 2:20pm by Sean Hinz

Fans are justifiably upset with how poor Rage is performing on PC. Several users have experienced all manner of texture pop in, screen tearing, and other various issues with the PC version. While the game itself seems to have additional Nvidia drivers, I haven't seen anything that specific for ATI. John Carmack took to Twitter to remind everyone that you need the "latest Nvidia/Ati drivers to play Rage!” Thanks for that...

This is why I hate PC gaming sometimes. It would be nice if the software could reach out to the Internet, find those particular drivers, and provide you the appropriate files for your PC. Bryan is currently reviewing this title at ScrewAttack and from what little I have seen, Rage looks great.  That is why it is a  shame that PC players can't play without "forcing v-sync [or] triple-buffering... Nvidia drivers." Gamers just want to shoot mutants in the face, but this mega-textured building keeps popping in and out! Here is a video of some of the pain people are experiencing.

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