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Not really a retrospective, but what is the history of Assassin's creed to BlueJetDude and Khyman? Lets Find Out

So, what the hell is this? Well, time to time, me and Khyman will look back at some of gamings biggest franchises and discuss our views and experiences with them. In other words we chat on Skype for an hour or two...

BlueJetdude is Normal / Khyman is emphazied.


The Chat Begins:


 Bluejetdude: Welcome G1s to a slight departure from our 'Top 5' lists. This time the two of us are teaming up for a look at the Assassins Creed series. What are our opinions on the franchise that since the second has been released year on year like a cetain FPS...


Khyman: Obvs COD

not really much speculation into that one

Anyway, welcome G1's, I'm Khyman and my associate here is BlueJetDude

Well I've just finished Assassin's Creed 2 about an hour ago


and I finish them as they come because I am a HUGE fan of the series, ever since the first which blew my tiny litte college brain.


I did play the first when it came out but just never got round to playing the rest until recently

steam sale

+ assassins creed 3 E3 stuff


So, I think its fitting we start at the beginning.


So join us G1's as we embark on a personal retropsective of the Ubisoft's Excellent franchise that dominates the console and PC market - Assassins Creed...



thinking back, what do you think of 1?


I was so excited for the first. I remember the hype surrounding the game and the advancments it had on the then 'next-gen'. I was in college at the time and being there on a friday (the release of games in the UK) meant I could run down to GAME and pick it up. It was an exciting time for sure.

Was it a big deal for you at the time?


just looking at all of the stuff before hand such as gameplay where you could climb on ANYTHING was amazing at the time

now its bog standard stuff but it was revolutionary back then

and the trailer kicked major ass




Oh god the trailers... no other industry does trailers like game. There were alot of free roaming games at the time but the chance to explore ANYWHERE. The possibilities where endless and it all featured into the gameplay we were being shown. It also helped that Ubisoft plastered Jade Raymond everywhere for the marketing of it and showing it off. She was producer so it made sense but it always helps with a sexy lady showing of games...


Thats the thing that got me about that trailer, the stuff Altair did in it such run and jump on the target with the hidden blade and disappear into the monks, you could actually do in game which is not usually done in pre-rendered trailers


Exactly, Ubisoft sold it perfectly. And then the release came. The pre-release hype was through the roof and now came the real test... When did you get into it?


number 1, a couple of days after release i picked it up



Day one. One of my defining moments of College came from this. I remember getting it back to class after picking it up at lunch, and our tutor, Paul, was a huge gamer and was swept up in the hype. We has the 'Department PS3' up in our base room, so we spent the rest of the day playing Assassins Creed 1. Well, I say playing, I mean pissing around as Altair. I had similar moments with GTA4 and Smash Bros at uni, but thats a different story...


Dude, I wanna do your Uni course

good game though, I loved playing as Desmond when you come out of the Animus and uncovering this mysterious story between Assassins and Templars in the modern day



Desmond seems to get a hard time from both critics and gamers alike for his portions, and I personally always liked them. Being able to explore the world and his forced prison, getting a sense of the scale and mystery taking place out in the world


In the first one it worked well but in the second, I only got to play as him in the opening section, during the credits and once in the middle

I would have loved to explore different areas at different times in the new area


Plus the fact that Desmond is voiced by who I feel is one of the greatest voice actors of all time, Nolan North. He's up there with David Hayter (Solid Snake) and James McCaffrey (Max Payne). Anyone thats brings Nathan Drake to life is a god in my eyes... Sorry, going of topic. Back to Assassins Creed 1. Repetive claims were leveled at 1. Did you think that?


cor you would have Nolan North's babies if you could



yes I would


Well in the first one it was mainly early in the game or late where you play as Desmond

There is a huge part of the game in the middle where you only play as Altair


Fine ignore my question bitch ...


The game was pretty repetetive in 1 as is was mission by mission, find out about a target by doing menial tasks and gathering info, then kill him... repeat

number 2 was a lot more diverse though in its approach



I didn't really get the whole repetitive thing. The fact that we had full exploration of the city allowed you to approach it in different ways. I'd create my own challenges and ways around obstacles. But yes, you're right. Assassins Creed 2 was a monumental leap. I think it's the biggest leap a sequel has made from the original. When the run up to Assassins Creed 2 was happening, did you care?


Well I have seen now that they took everything the fans said and put it into effect such as making it more diverse but at the time I didnt think they would so I just put the game aside

even when I saw you playing it the once in the 6th tomb, I didnt really get that excited



That's weird, everyone normally gets excited around me...


alright.... gaaaaaaaay

thats why steam sales rule, you can play the games you missed on release for hardly anything (not trying up upsell steam or anything)


Hey, man or women, they appreciate my awesomeness. Anyway... I don't really remember the run up to Assassins Creed 2, or even its sequels. I remember some E3 showings at the Sony conferences and the abysmal Ubisoft ones but I don't recall any MAJOR hype... and then it released. I DO remember that...



I remember each and every one of them just appearing until number 3 which looks amazing

and different (in a good way)



Yeah, people were excited but that's about it...


but kinda regret it now, now I've played 2

brotherhoods on download already, I just want to carry on the story now

does it change much from 2? not giving away too many spoilers for my obvs



EZIO IS ITALIAN... sorry, spoilers. Brotherhood doesn't change much on the 2, it expands on it adding alot of new elements and building on what's there. Revelations on the other hand was the first, I don't want to say 'missfire', because it's still great but with no gameplay additions (minus a Tower Defense game WHICH YOU NEVER USE). Niether of them have moments like the birth of Ezio in the first and guiding him through his early life. Except the end of Brotherhood... yeah, that was big... and then not mentioned in Revelations... lolwut?


does it improve much on the town development cos that sucked in number 2

I maxed it out after a couple of visits and kept getting 20k every 20 mins which was ridiculous and i had nothing to spend it on



Brotherhood does build on it but I did like the City Buidling. You get a LOT more to buy in Brotherhood so giving me more excuses to run around the city as my second favourite italian stallion (Mario FTW) was an excuse I welcomed. So skipping past Brotherhood and Revelations because you suck, the build up to 3... can you feel it?



not so much the ship stuff but the on foot stuff looks great

towns arent huge well built areas and you will have to jump around on trees instead


I do know that New York and another city... I want to Chicago... will still feature in the game so from the wilderness we've seen it resembles to me a mix between Ass Creed and Red Dead Redemption. Which is pure awesome. I know the ship sections blew people's mind but I just felt it was a great addition. I'm still more hyped for the land sections and the additions to it. Unlike the last two (!) I DO feel the hype for this one, not just me and the internet. It just goes to show that if you change enough between installments you can keep gamers on you side. Good one Ubi... HEY ACTIVISION, steal notes from them!



I think the ship sections are fast and keep you on your toes but I'm not sure where they are gonna squeeze them into the whole assassination thing

as long as you can jump off the completed empire state building into a haystack, im sold



brush up on American history... The Empire State Buidling began construction in 1929 and the American Revolutionary War began in 1775... gawd have you not seen Doctor Who?! They won't be full developed cities but... cities for America at the time...


Well I am English... Dont wanna buy it anymore

it will still be fun to run around both city and forest though instead of just open fields where they couldn't be bothered to put anything


True dat Brah!! I do want to see how they represent the British in the game. I know that Connor is English/Native American so it will be a nice clash for his character. I don't know much of the American Revolutionary War, because I assume we were kicked out of America so they don't teach us that... WAIT, This isn't a history lesson... sorry. But it does raise some interesting elements for the game to target.


never say that again


Sorry Brah...


we lost, simple

well I like these types of games because they can get you interested in the topic and make yyou want to find out aditional information about them from elsewhere



Thank you Wikipedia... Well, It's nearly 12am here in UK land (God save the queen Guv'nor and all that) so I better get into my Batman gear for some street justice... 


yer, you're boring me too


AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!! History is our future and all that.


Well hope you all enjoyed our ramblings and hope to do it again soon


With you?! Hell no unless I'm payed with a Nathan Drake lifesize model... My mancrush on him knows no limits... So long G1s. Bluejetdude (Don't tell people I'm Batman please) Signing out


and Khyman signing out




So that concludes that... Pointless? Maybe. Insightful? Possibly?  Check back soon for more 'Top 5 Things'!!

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