Random Thoughts and Jottings: Blackout Edition

Posted on May 26, 2012 - 10:49am by The Guardian

 Hey there g1s, how you guys and gals doing? I hope you're doing well and doing good today.  As we all know, ScrewAttack had a few bugs in the system this last weekend and forced many of us to Plan B. For me, well it was a pretty productive time where I learned a lot of stuff and played a lot of games. It's remarkable how much time ScrewAttack takes away from good game playing time, which I find extremely ironic. When I'm on ScrewAttack more often, I don't game as much. When I'm in a gaming mode, I might disappear from ScrewAttack for a few days at a time.

"So what have I been playing?"I hear you asking well let me tell you. Most of my time was devoured by Xenoblade Chronicles, as might be evidenced by my last post. I might be about half way done, that's how it feels any way. So far I'm loving it, the amount of sidequesting, the sheer scope, the huge panoramic shots of environments, it's all really cool. Where I am Melia is becoming a very interesting character in this whole Empire business.

But that doesn't mean that Xenoblade was the only game in town. I also spent some time with some old favorites; Fire Emblem 7 (just Fire Emblem here in America), The Guild 2, Mount and Blade, and some SMT Online. I'm not talking about Guild Wars 2, The Guild 2 is the game. And you probably never heard of the last three I listed there, which is why in the future, if the fancy strikes, I'm going to write about them. Hell, I might just right about all 5 I've talked about, who knows. I fire from the hip any way.

While I'm here at future possible blogs, I guess I could say what might be coming. I say "might" because I really have no schedule and things might come up and ideas die off. If only you guys knew the number of drafts that went away at the end of v4 ( it was around 30). For comparison, I think I posted 50-ish blogs, so almost 40 percent of my blogs never get posted. So here's what I want to have happen besides talking about those games; Pallet Town Remixes is going to happen, I've got some list ideas, and I'm still contemplating starting a story. Don't hold your breath on the story though, I have no idea what to do with it. Last of all, I'm still working on zircon, for that one of you (you know who you are) it's still going to happen and great music shall be shared.

Speaking of music, I'm a bit of a narcissist so I put "The Guardian" into YouTube. Evidently I'm being used in a lot of stuff, including my appearance in a SICK Darksiders II trailer. That shoot was a lot of fun, really brought out my good side. But... I also found some sick songs named for me (just go with it, don't destroy my delusion). 

The Guardian- White Wall

The Guardian- Tristam

So that's pretty freakin cool. If ever I took a theme song, it would be Tristam's song. Like if ScrewAttack Wrestling Federation ever comes back, I'm using this as my ring entrance. And striking fear in every one, even the reigning champ. TGE, I'm coming for you, son! It's amazing what aimlessly wandering around the internets will do.

There is no smooth transition here, so whatever. But then I was all over IGN doing some learnin' about some upcoming games and watching trailers. The first one I saw that really caught my attention was...

I got an erection. I know someone posted a blog about this and I apologize for not remembering who it was, but I was really cynical. There was one Capcom X Namco that never made it to America for the PS2. I said that I really doubted that this would because it's from the same series, so why this one? But now I've seen the trailer, God I hope I'm wrong. I know it's a 3DS game, so maybe it has a chance for localization.

Oh and guess who's developing it... go ahead guess. If you guessed Monolith Soft, you're right. You know the guys who brought you Baten Kaitos, Xenosaga, Soma Bringer, and Xenoblade Chronicles. FUCK YES! That's almost as sure to be a great game as putting Retro on a game or Rare in the 90's. For me, it won't even make it to the beach before I buy it when it comes across the Pacific.

Oh and I'm not done there folks, see, I've been playing the crap out of Fire Emblem, and it just so happens that there is a new game in Japan, Fire Emblem Awakening. I won't call myself a huge FE fan, I only have one game, but I enjoy it. 

This game already looks like a hella fun, and I can't even understand what is being  said. Not as on fire as I am about Project X Zone, but I know I would like this game and there are a lot of my fellow g1s that love this series to death. As of now, there is a planned European release for later this year, but (like usual) there is no planned date for an American release. Hopefully that changes at E3.

So then I went into the ole memory bank and remembered a video I really liked. It's titled, "Nintendo, Why Won't You Let Me Give You My Money?"

I don't know why I do this to myself, not going to lie. Maybe I thought everything he talked about was resolved, maybe I'm just a sadist. I have this in another blog from like December or something, but I keep coming back to it. And this time I actually looked into the games he talked about. 

Disaster: Day of Crisis, that looks like a genuinely fun game. Freaking running everywhere, saving the day like a badass, killing bad guys who stole a nuclear bomb, and fighting a tank? Do want. And any of you play the DS game Trace Memory? Because the sequel, which we aren't getting, is Another Code R. And if you think it's alone, it isn't. Remember Hotel Dusk: Room 215? Yeah, that got a sequel too, Last Window, which is already in English, like all the other games I've mentioned here. 

Shit, Nintendo has all these games just stacked up like cord wood, with English dubs already and you know now many Wii games they have slatted between now and the WiiU release? 1, Kirby Anniversary Collection and it's release date isn't even confirmed. And they could have Pandora's Tower, Disaster Day of Crisis, Fatal Frame 4, Another Code R, hell even Zangeki no Reginleiv coming at us. But no, that apparently would be too easy. And all this brought me to a revelation during our little blackout here.

I am, for the first time, seriously considering piracy and homebrewing. If we can't get these games legally, I'm not afraid to take what I want if Nintendo of America doesn't get it. If NoA is going to continually do this kind of thing, I'll get my games from Europe or any other means necessary. And I do mean every game here, Project X Zone, Last Window, Another Code R, Fire Emblem Awakening, everything. I never would have thought such things before, but this is just straight bullshit. Europe, I kind of get how you feel about Earthbound.

Needless to say, ScrewAttack, please don't go down again, because it clearly leads to internet piracy.

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