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Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault details

7/18/12 3:05pm

About two months ago, Insomniac Games announced Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault as a PSN download for some time this fall. That's all they said about it then, and today they've revealed a little bit more.

It'll go back to the classic third-person camera and weapon system, with persumably platforming. The biggest addition to gameplay is a tower defense mode, where players must create bases and fend off invading enemies. Insominac Games assures us that even though tower defense will be a part of the game, it shall not have a major focus for the gameplay.

Another fun tidbit is the inclusion of cooperative campaign multiplayer, both online or split-screen. Players can choose to play as Ratchet, Clank, and Captain Qwark. No clues as to how many players can be in at once, or if there will be other playable characters.

Also, buying Full Frontal Assault gets you a playable demo for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. So that's neat!

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