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Posted on April 7, 2012 - 7:32pm by Schmooblidon

 I remember way back at E3, I was watching the Ubisoft conference and Rayman Origins was revealed. I for whatever reason didn't think much of it, what an idiot I was! When Rayman Origins was released and Screwattack were giving it praise, it caught my attention. I knew it was around and I saw the price drop, but I held off and said to myself that I wanted it for PC. And then it was announced for PC.. ok I guess I gotta get it then. Why oh why was I holding back, my absolute favourite genre is 2d platformers. Anyway, Review Time!


Much like a lot of platformers there isn't much of a story. The Rayman gang's snoring and noises are too loud for the old lady under the tree, and so she sends an army of dark creatures on you! Imokwiththis.jpg, its short, its wacky, it doesn't really make much sense, its a platformer! Throughout the game you are travelling to different environments to save the 4 fairies! The main objective is to get rid of all the dark stuff, so you can have some peace and quiet. 


Rayman Origins takes more inspiration from the original Rayman game then from the 3d titles. The entire game is hand drawn, and I must say "HOLY SH*T", they have some mighty talented artists at UBIART. The environments are breath taking, the colours are beautiful, the animation is incredibly fluid, its like your interacting with a painting.

The levels are formed with several 2d layers and there are a few opportunities to jump between them. The playable characters consist of 3 different models and a lot of different skins to pick from. The enemies are crazy and very original, my favourite being a chilli pepper bathing in fiery soup and spitting out streams of fire!

There are about 6 different environments in the game, all with new enemies and types of gameplay, they all create a different atmosphere superbly.


Sound is absolutely crucial to a game, and thankfully Rayman Origins hits the nail on the head. The sound quality is flawless, the soundtrack is nothing like anything I have ever heard, but fits the game perfectly. There is a whole environment based around music with interactable floors and platforms that play along to the music, and create a rhythm. Back to the soundtrack, there is a lot of variety in the soundtrack ranging from ukulele songs, ambient, some creepy songs, and a whole lot of childlike voices singing gibberish. Its quite hard to explain, so I will let the music do the talking.


Guys is it me or at 0:40 does it suddenly sound like a Ratchet and Clank song?


My personal favourite, absolutely gorgeous.


Rayman Origins can be creepy too.


Sometimes Rayman Origins just doesn't make sense, its great!


Bad controls means a bad platformer, but yet again Rayman Origins succeeds. The controls work absolutely fine. I played the whole game with a keyboard with no problems, I even did a few levels with a fightstick when I played with a friend. The character is very responsive and moves incredibly smoothly. The game has been tweaked and refined to perfection, leaving the player in absolute full control, even with the huge amount of abilities and movements.  The game is ultra smooth and fluid giving you that awesome feeling when you do something cool, it was all you. Your abilities include, movement, sprinting, jumping, attacking, moving attack, attack in the air, ground pound, wall jump, glide, duck, slide, charged attack, sprint charge, swing on ropes, grab ledges, run on walls and leaping from a wallrun. Thats a lot of abilities to play with, and thats just the ground levels. The game also has water levels, often thats a bad thing, but Rayman Origins once again does everything the right way. The controls are tip top underwater as well, and it will finally make you look forward to those damn water levels. The other type of levels are the flying shooter levels. These play like a traditional shoot em up on a horizontal plane, these are a blast to play and get pretty dam hectic at times. Within these three level types, you can encounter bosses, which are always incredibly weird and detailed. They always follow a pattern, so the game forces you to memorise the sequences.

The object of each level is to collect lums and free electoons. Lums are scattered all over the levels in hard to reach places. There are a lot of objects and platforms in the game where bubbles are emerging from them, when you touch them, lums will fly up in bubbles for you to collect, but will dissappear over time. There are big lums, which when grabbed will start a double points time period and will turn all the lums red. Collecting a certain amount of lums, usually 150, will grant you a smiley. Collecting 300 would get you another smiley, and collecting 350 will give you a medal, which as far as I know is just for show. In a standard level there are 3 cages with electoons for you to free, the first 2 will be hidden within the level, and the 3rd will be the at the finish line, and breaking it will finish the level. Each one you break, will grant you a smiley. Once you have completed a level once, you are able to start a time trial. You are given 2 time objectives, one will reward you with a smiley, and the faster one, which I presume is the developers fastest time, will get you a trophy. But like the medal, the trophy does not do anything. The smileys are used to unlock new player skins and Tricky Treasure stages. These tricky treasure levels consist of chasing a treasure chest, dodging all sorts and keeping your speed, and finally smashing the chest when it stops. Smashing it will get you a tooth, there are 10 teeth in the game which you hand over to an old creepy guy to unlock a secret. No spoilers here though!

The game also has local co-op for up to 4 players. I have played the game multiple times with 2 players and its a lot of fun. Its jump in and out at any time, fully functioning key binding, and is a lot of fun.


I have never really played a Rayman game before, but this game has introduced me to a world I can't get enough of. Everything about this game is fantastic, it takes the 2d platforming genre to the greatest heights its ever been and sets the bar incredibly high. It is an absolute MUST PLAY to any gamer. The game takes a lot of inspiration from the SNES days, and to me feels like a DKC game, I feel nostalgic when I play it. Tight controls, great artistic graphics, one of a kind sountrack, incredible fluidity and an experience you won't want to end, £20 ($30) is a very generous asking price. 

For anyone that just scrolls to the bottom for a score, here you go:


And that is using the new screwattack rating, its that freakin good.

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