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Posted on October 5, 2012 - 5:19pm by ScrewAttack

As most of you know, this past Monday we said goodbye to one of ScrewAttack's familiar faces, Jared.  We realize that his departure may have seemed sudden and some of you have questions, so we want to be as transparent and honest about his departure as possible.

Yes, Jared was let go from ScrewAttack.  This was not an easy decision that Craig had to make at all, as it's something that he thought long and hard about for literally months.  It had become obvious through Jared's comments and actions that his goals didn't line up with ours at ScrewAttack so on Friday Craig had a meeting with Jared to talk about things.  The end result of that meeting was Craig letting Jared go - a decision both agreed at the time was best for ScrewAttack and Jared.  There was no animosity or bad feelings at all and the door was left open for Jared to return for projects like Mario Party After Dark.

At the end of the meeting, the rest of the staff was gathered and Jared announced that he was leaving the company to work on his own projects.  He assured all of us that everything was fine and that to help soften the blow to the community, it was mutually agreed that he would host a farewell episode of Hard News on Monday.  The most important thing is that we wanted Jared to leave ScrewAttack by looking as good as possible and not tarnish anything he had done previously by saying he was "fired."

However, Jared later felt the need to relay to his followers that he was fired from ScrewAttack.  Due to wild speculation and numerous requests for us to explain the situation, we feel it would be best to provide a clear statement as to why.  

To be short, his heart wasn't in it anymore. It was evident in his performance and demeanor around the office, and on social media.  It's Craig's job to make sure ScrewAttack's staff wants to be here. Through Jared's actions it was clear that his focus was elsewhere which wasn't fair to ScrewAttack or the g1 community.  The decision to let Jared go was not made lightly.

With all this said, from a professional standpoint we at the HQ wish Jared nothing but the best moving forward and will support his future endeavors. We'll gladly promote his content if he chooses to post it on his ScrewAttack profile.  From a personal standpoint, we hope to continue to hang out with him and be his friend.  

Good luck Jared! We wish you the best.

- The ScrewAttack Crew

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