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Reggie and the Regginator summarize everything you missed from Nintendo Direct

12/18/13 3:23pm

Today Nintendo took to the airwaves for yet another Nintendo Direct and managed to do some pretty surprising things. Now there was A LOT of information, so I'm just going to hit the high notes.

  • For 3DS we saw more of Kirby's Triple Deluxe and it's coming along nicely. Kirby has over 20 power ups, the Hyper Nova  suck, and does some interesting things with 3D.
  • Then there's Yoshi's New Island... The franchise creator Takashi Tezuka is helping with design. But from what I saw in the 46 second trailer, the game just seems to be just more of the same except Yoshi can now poop a giant egg. Is that really enough to get you excited?! Let me know in the comments.
  • Wii U on the other hand had quite a few exciting reveals. NES Remix takes 16 Classic NES games, but tweaks them in some interesting ways for a new experience. You can watch us play it on Out of the Box!
  • Sonic: Lost World is getting Nintendo inspired levels, meaning Super Mario & Sonic Galaxy 3 isn't too far off... The first piece of DLC is Yoshi inspired. Year of Yoshi for 2014?
  • Dr. Luigi was announced and will be coming on December 31st, making that the last Luigi title for 2013. It looks good and adds a twist to the familiar pill mechanic by making the pills L-shaped.
  • They announced Cranky Kong in Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Again. You can see some gameplay in this new trailer.
  • There was a new trailer for Mario Kart 8.
  • Rosalina is the latest character reveal for Smash, complete with Luma companion. Check out the trailer and gallery here.

Here comes the bombshell. Hyrule Warriors. What looks to be a Dynasty Warriors game in a Hylian skin, there is nothing that has made me want to revisit the Tecmo-Koei franchise more than Link killing hundreds of Moblins with the Master Sword. 

What are you most excited for after all these reveals?!

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