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Posted on July 4, 2012 - 3:31pm by Canadian Brony


 Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends! Independence Day is a great day isn't it? Celebrating freedom, having good times with your friends, running away from giant alien ships....... oh wait, that never actually happened. Anyway, a while back I was thinking of doing something special for this day. I came to the conclusion that I would write about a great American. But who? Since I live in Canada, many great American heros didn't affect me as much as others. So I thought of someone who had also helped me on a personal level. And the one I found couldn't have been more perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with my great honour to introduce you to my big 4th of July blog: Remembering Bob Ross (a happy little blog).

 For those who don't know, Bob Ross was a painter who hosted the show "The Joy of Painting". His painting techniques made his paintings look so real, as if you could jump right into them. 

Bob was born in Daytona Beach, Florida and raised in Orlando. When he was 18, he joined the U.S Air Force., which ended up tranfering him to Alaska. During his stay there, all the snow and mountians inspired him to take up painting as a hobby. During his time off, he would sell them to make some money. As his military life continued, Bob found himself growing tired of the military routine. He once said that if he ever broke away from the military, he would never scream again. ( I assume he was a general of some kind). Eventually, Bob left the Air Force to practice painting with Bill Alexander which eventually led him to start the television program "The Joy of Painting". After running the show for many years, Bob had to cancel it due to illness. He died on July 4th 1995.


So what is it about Bob that people like so much? For many painters, I'm sure its is techniques. He had the tendency to go slowly when demonstrating a painting method. Perhaps I should also mention that a lot of people who don't paint watch his show. Why? To hear his voice. I'm dead serious. Hell, I'm one of those people! His calming voice is what makes people want to watch more of him and will eventually get them wanting to paint their own pictures! And thats all Bob really wanted. To see people take up painting and paint whatever they pleased. I personally haven't taken up painting, but who knows? Maybe some day I will.




Bob Ross has had such an impact on the media, that several parodies of him have been made! Ones imitating how he does his job or ones that use him in PSAs. And you know what? Out of all the ones I've seen, none directly make fun of him! In fact, they make him more badass then he already is! 


Theres more, but they aren't really that funny, which is my only complaint.

So now we come to the more personal part of this blog. Why did I choose to write about Bob Ross?  What has he ever done to help me? Hell, I wasn't even born when he died! It all started during the summer of 2011. Believe it or not, I used to be a really depressed kid. Sure, I had some friends, but I felt invisable to the other people surrounding me. I even thought about ending it all since I had such a pessimistic view on life. Then, in July of 2011, my internet surfing brought me upon many things that brought my mood up. Screwattack and the g1 community, ponies and Bob Ross. I had heard about Bob before, but I never sat down to watch his stuff. The minute I clicked on a video of him, I knew I made the right choice. His calming voice instantly made me want to go to bed and his painting skills blew me away. But what really got to me was the stuff he said. "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." That phrase shall stick with me until the day I die. Bob also liked to talk about having sadness in our lives. If there was no sadness, we wouldn't be able to pick out the happiness in our lives, becaue happiness can't exist without sadness. Bob wasn't just a painter, he was a philosipher. 


Bob Ross:  Ocober 29, 1942 - July 4th, 1995

And thats all I really have to say right now. This is just sort of my little thank you to Bob for giving me a more positive outlook on life. I hope some of you more artistic g1s will take his techniques into consideration so his legend will live on. But thats all the time we have for now. I'd like to with you happy painting and God bless.

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