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Posted on December 18, 2012 - 8:00pm by DEATH BATTLE

Hi! I'm Ben Singer. I direct, write, and edit DEATH BATTLE and play the character Wiz. Chad James plays Boomstick and co-writes. Jordan Lange is our talented animator who builds the eye-candy fight scenes… and that's the DEATH BATTLE team for you! Yep, there's just us three.

The upcoming episode of Goku VS Superman is the definition of legendary. Wiz and Boomstick have been doing this for over 2 years, and have gotten real good at being experts on weird, nerdy stuff. However, we knew if we were going to get this one right - and I mean 100% irrefutably right in a way that would change the web forever - we would have to find some more experts on weird, nerdy stuff. We contacted several qualified consultants in all things Dragon Ball and Superman. It didn't take long for this episode to suddenly turn into a massive collaboration between all sorts of different websites!

So let me introduce you to the team!

Our first Dragon Ball consultant is Derek Padula, a Dragon Ball analyst and author of "The Dao of Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z: "It's Over 9,000!" When Worldviews Collide." You know that one meme about that one number that everybody thinks is hilarious? Yeah, he wrote a whole freakin' book about it!

Padula has been instrumental in researching and discussing the Taoist philosophy and psychology of Son Goku. With his help, we are 100% confident in our representation of everyone's favorite Super Saiyan. Click here to check out our review of Padula's book.

But we couldn't stop there. We reached out to, the biggest collective resource of Dragon Ball on the web. Kanzenshuu is actually the combined merging of two separate Dragon Ball resource sites: Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai.

Kanzenshuu was suggested to me by a couple g1s through my Twitter and Facebook, and I couldn't have predicted just how HUGE this website is! They cover news, write guides on animators, rumors, the original endings of DBZ and more, and have one of the most insightful Dragon Ball podcasts on the net. They also take great care in translating the Japanese content for us English speaking people, like the encyclopedic Daizenshuu guides. Boy, those are handy.

Mike LaBrie and the rest of the Kanzenshuu staff went above and beyond investigating the limits and specifics of Goku. They were instrumental in ensuring our research and calculations matched the original Japanese manga. We've caught dozens of game-changing mistranslations solely because of them. Like how Goku's Instant Transmission is not light-speed like the English dub says. And you won't believe how long we spent debating how many nuclear warheads Goku could survive! . . . yeah, we're all a bunch of dorks.

But even with all the mistranslating and misconceptions, Superman was just as difficult to pin down the facts for! There are so many different comics, books, movies, shows, and games all with slightly different depictions, I had no idea how we could cover every single thing on our own. Luckily, the staffs of two huge Superman sites were up to the challenge!

I call the Superman Super Site the "Mom N' Pop Superman Site." Not really sure why, I guess it just has that feel of authentic devotion and trust. It's run by Neil and Jennifer Cole, and is a complete database of Superman in entertainment. They've got troves of information on even the most obscure Superman stories, including entire movie scripts for Superman films that never took flight! (Pun intended)

Neil and Jennifer are the nicest Superman fans in the world, digging deep to find the facts and answering all my questions even when they had to leave town unexpectedly. They were vital in covering "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," which was the the one television show I had difficulties getting 100% coverage of. Yeah. We covered EVERYTHING. When we say "No page unturned, no scene unwatched," we mean it.

If Kanzenshuu is the ultimate database for Dragon Ball, then Superman Homepage is the equivalent for the Man of Steel. I don't even know where to begin with this site! If you're interested in something Superman, you'll find it here! Superman Homepage has made a huge impact on not only fans, but also the official creators and writers. They even had a cameo in the television show Smallville. Some of my research about Superman came from listening to their podcast, where they talk about Superman's stories, themes, and depictions in detail.

Superman Homepage is headed by Steve Younis AKA possibly the most knowledgeable Superman fan on the planet! He and his staff of experts and enthusiasts were a big help pinpointing exactly what kind of limits Superman has… which became a key factor in the final decision.

We're also excited to have MasakoX of Dragon Ball Z Abridged fame starring as Goku, and It'sJustSomeRandomGuy and his famous "I'm a Marvel… and I'm a DC" voice taking the role of Superman. And for the first time in DEATH BATTLE history, you will hear an original musical theme score setting the stage for the epic duel, courtesy of Blake Robinson's Synthetic Orchestra. Not to mention the fine folks of Team Four Star have been a tremendous help in communication and finding talent.

Needless to say… we've been busy.

This wonderful group of people has accomplished far more than I initially thought possible. Be sure to see the result of our research/analysis/writing/acting/composing/designing/animating/work this Friday, as the ultimate DEATH BATTLE premieres on December 21st, 2012.

So long as the world doesn't end first, I suppose…


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