Resident Evil Bar and Idol RPG?

Posted on July 15, 2012 - 7:40pm by Gaijin Goombah

Editor's Note: I have to admit, The Resident Evil bar definiteley looks ... interesting, I'll give it that. I also added a gallery to give you g1s a better idea of what the bar is like. 

First of all, and perhaps many of you have heard about this already from Kotaku, there is going to be a Resident Evil (Biohazard) themed bar in Tokyo.

I'll go into some details about what they offer, but please keep in mind I am very jaded from my personal experiences with themed bars in Japan. Most of them were not good.

Some basic info about the food, drinks, cover charge, etc? Drink's are going to run you anywhere from $5-$8. Speaking from experience, that's a bit overpriced given the size of the drinks and the amount of ice that these bars will often use.

The cover charge? Nearly $40 for guys and $35 for girls. Compared to where I have been, that is a LOT! Almost four times the usual cover I've paid at other themed bars like Side 6. If dancing girls who probably know nothing about Resident Evil, some more than likely funny skits in cosplay, and some replicated items from the games are enough for you for that price, go for it. For me, I would pass.

Food is uniqly presented, and it's pretty fun, but it's incredibly overpriced in my opinion. $6 for about four spoonfuls of ice cream is awful, even for Japan. The cup noodles I would anticipate being about the same price, where you could get the same thing from the local grocer or even a combini for a lot less. HOWEVER, I think I would pay some good money to try their "Japan's curry (sometimes beef stew)" with a canteen of rice. Honestly though, this would not be a good place to have dinner. Eat before coming.

All in all, I would suggest this place for people who are REAL hardcore fans of the game. Just, don't eat anything there. Fill up at Yoshinoya or something first and then settle down with a drink (don't down it fast!) and enjoy the entertainment. There is an interview that the owner of the bar has with 4gamer but I'm too lazy to translate that whole crazy thing.

Next up! Ever wanted your rhythm game wrapped up in an idol's life simulator? Another Drama, Idol's Road  is your answer! The game appears to be a cross between a button pushing mini game (God I'm getting so sick of those in Japan...) and a sort of RPG of being an idol, picking your own choices as your rise in fame.

All in all, I don't really care that much about the rhythm element to the game. That $%#@ is so done to death in Japan it's depressing. HOWEVER, I do have some intreague in the other part of the game where you decide on how you go down the path of an idol. Do you sell out? Do you botch your interview on live T.V.? Do you get caught with a personal supply of weed and get sent to prision for a year while the Japanese media mobs your story like a pack of starving wolves? (Yes, that happens more than you think.)? The options seem limitless! Seriously though, I am interested in how the role playing aspect of the game comes to play

Anyhoo, back to work for me. 

This is Gaijin Goomba signing out!

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