Resident Evil Code Veronica Let's Play Update 3 - "In Which Steve Proves How Dumb He Is"

Posted on June 11, 2012 - 4:46pm by ReturnofFable


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Update 3:  In Which Steve Proves How Dumb He Is


- Uncut Commentary -

- Cut Commentary -


Why hello there everyone! I hope you all enjoyed E3 because lord knows me and Aevitas thought it was super boring and safe. Honestly, I was only interested in Watchdogs and Halo 4.

But enough of that, if you want more E3 talk, go read every other blog on the site. Remember folks, because of our hiatus last week we will be updating FOUR times this week so be sure to keep track of our LP. If you have not already, be sure to subscribe to me here and follow me on Twitter so you know when the updates are live. More than likely, they will not go live until the early evening because I close every day this week and get home around 7:30.

Anyways, we found some files during the video so you can view them below. Be sure to share the LP if you liked it!


Memo on the Pass Number

The emergency door lock system in the biology experiment room can be released with the 4 digit pass number. I hope you haven't forgotten about it already.

I have just received an order from the system administrator requesting us to change the pass periodically. What bothers me is that you often lose important memos, pass numbers or even chemicals...

So, in an attempt to solve that problem, I came up with an idea. You know the red human skeleton picture at the back of the biology experiment room? I have decided to use the number signed on the picture as the pass number. If you happen to lose the memo, just look at the picture.

Well, I don't think you would ever need to use the emergency pass number, anyway. But just in case, now you know. Take it easy, Mr. Careless!

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