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Posted on May 30, 2012 - 7:17pm by Dark_Link_Killer

 Fist off let me thank you for the comments, glad people got involed. Anyways here's what the G1's said


I strongly prefer local because that makes for such interesting conversations and good times with your friends. Plus, when you be a dick to them you can see them getting riled up. Nothing is better than playing Wario's Stadium in Mario Kart 64, nailing someone right before they hit the jump, and watching them rage at you.

 Gaijin Goomba

Local, period. I want to be able to slap someone across the face if they're being a dick in the game. Good list of reasons here!

 Jawbreaker Alumni

Local. There's nothing funnier than watching that blue shell hit your friend in first place and then taking first while he or she ends up in last.

 Anti_Hipster AND    Alpha Unit (according to Alpha Unit Anti_Hipster said the same thing he was going to say)

Local hands down. I don't care for the whole internet idea of social interaction. If you can't reach over and high five the person next to you, you're not really interacting. Online games irritate me because I like to feel like a bada** when I play games. This is the benefit of single player where you run through the game getting hundred of kills without dying. Online, you turn a corner and your dead, respawn, walk two feet, get killed. Manage to kill somebody, celebrate for half a second and then get shot and die. At least that frustration can be turned into funny moments with your friends on the couch.


Thanks for the feedback guys, I was surprised I didn't see any online MP but I hope you like it. About twice a month I will do this (only one next month however due to final exams I need to study for) I have a few idea's and arguements I would like to hear from you guys. Until next time

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