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RingtoneAttack - Session # 5 - The Guardian Legend

7/18/13 1:40pm

Each RingtoneAttack session contains one classic video game soundtrack that’s been converted into ringtones.  All ringtones are 30 seconds in length unless the original track is less than 30 seconds.  Four separate audio formats will be available for download, and will comprise of two lossless formats, ALAC and FLAC, and two lossy formats, AAC and LAME MP3.  Audio encoding information is specified below each specific audio format download link; for you audiophiles out there.

Once you’ve downloaded your preferred audio format, you’ll notice there are some audio files labeled, (Edited), at the end.  Ringtones without this labeling, contain the first 30 seconds of that particular song track.  Ringtones with the (Edited) suffix contain either more of the main verse of that song track, like when an intro building up to the main verse of the song track is a bit long, or a different verse/segment within the song track altogether.

WELCOME g1s!  I’m fabio73, and THIS… is RingtoneAttack!  As with every session of RingtoneAttack, I’ll be bringing you the highest quality video game ringtones on the internet for all your mobile phone devices! 

This week’s session, is our first g1 requested session, courtesy of g1 wolfenjosh, and contains ringtones and sound effects from the game, The Guardian Legend.

The Guardian Legend is one of those classic NES titles that I never owned or had the opportunity to play growing up; even though it was a game that I remember thinking looked cool and wanted to try.  One of the great things about writing this blog though, is that when I begin creating the ringtones for a game I’ve never played before, it gives me the opportunity to actually play through the game, as playing it helps me to determine what all the ringtones and sound effects are and how to tag them.  Now that I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and play The Guardian Legend, I have to say that I’m disappointed that I didn’t own this game growing up, as it’s a challenging and fun game.

The basic story goes, you’re the guardian of the Earth, and you’re sent to activate the self-destruct mechanisms on a planet called, Naju.  Naju was sent on an intercept course for Earth from a distant galaxy long ago by an alien race that populated the planet with mysterious life forms that, over the course of the long journey, multiplied and have become more and more evil.  So it’s up to the Guardian to battle her way through the labyrinths within Naju and destroy the plant and thus becoming The Guardian Legend.

The Guardian Legend is an interesting game in the fact that it is both an overhead exploration game, like The Legend of Zelda, and a 2D space shooter, like Gradius or Lifeforce.  The overhead exploration portion of the game takes place navigating the labyrinths of Naju.  While exploring, you’ll uncover entrances to hidden corridors.  These corridors lead to the dungeons deep within Naju. 

Corridors are where the 2D space shooter aspect of the game takes place.  Whenever you enter a corridor you get this cool cut scene where the Guardian transforms into a space ship and blasts off into the corridor.  At the end of each corridor there is a Master Monster that you must defeat and upon completing this task, you receive a power up which will upgrade your main weapon, health, max chip count, armor, or secondary weapons, and in certain corridors, you’ll also receive a key, which will unlock new sections of Naju’s labyrinth to explore.  Upgrades can also be discovered throughout the labyrinth as well as stores and hidden passage ways.

I really enjoyed playing The Guardian Legend.  The 2D space shooter sections of the game help to break up the exploring sections, with the corridors being much faster in pace.  It’s easy to pick up and play and challenging to beat however, once you know what special weapons to use on the Master Monsters though, it becomes a bit easier; kind of like Mega Man.  So a big THANKS to g1 wolfenjosh for the incentive!  My only complaints are that there is a bit of backtracking in the game which becomes tedious and I find that only 4 of the 12 optional weapons available are really all that useful.

Alright everybody!  It’s time FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR, your ringtone downloads!  CLICK THE MUSIC!

Tracks - 28
Sound Effects - 36


iPhone Downloads

ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)

Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Audio Bit Depth: 16 Bit Stereo

iTunes AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)

Stereo Bit Rate: 192 kbps
Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Channels: Stereo
Variable Bit Rate Encoding (VBR)


Android and FLAC/MP3 enabled mobile device Downloads

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Audio Bit Depth: 16 Bit Stereo

LAME MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III)

Estimated Bit Rate: 190 kbps
Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Encoding: Slow (High Quality)
Variable Bit Rate Encoding (VBR)


That about wraps up Session # 5 of RingtoneAttack!  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and feel free to post comments below about your experiences with The Guardian Legend as well.   Also, let me know what NES titles you’d like to see in upcoming session too!  So until next time g1’s…

I’m fabio73, and THAT... was

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