Rock Band Blitz is ready for a rockin’ summer

Posted on April 4, 2012 - 6:00pm by Sean Hinz

The latest Rock Band game isn’t a Rock Band game per se, but more a return to form. Being a rhythm game studio, Harmonix is approaching the genre in an old way, by not taking the plastic peripherals with them. Instead, Rock Band Blitz looks a bit like Amplitude or Frequency, especially since they are rhythm games you can play with a controller.

There will be changes of course and one of the biggest ones is the lack of proper multiplayer. Harmonix wanted to provide a unique experience for those playing Rock Band 3 still, so instead have chosen to implement asynchronous multiplayer support. Blitz will include support for the entire Rock Band catalogue, including the Rock Band Network. Meaning if you already were a strong support of the Rock Band franchise, then there is a ton of content for Blitz.

The runways will remind you of classic Harmonix gameplay, but instead of the 3 button approach to Frequency, they have adjusted it down to two. You will be able to move between instruments as the song is progressing. Matthew Nordhaus, project director on Rock Band Blitz gave the following explanation for the switch

“There were two reasons we settled on two: one was that the modern controller is better suited to two instead of three, as you mentioned with Frequency and Amplitude. But I think a more fundamental reason is that the choice was to let you focus a measure or two down the track as you play through and let you strategize about what you’re doing to do. And we found that if we took a little mental load off”

So there you have it, a new Rock Band that you play with a normal controller. Despite never getting into Rock Band 3, I have a ton of content from 1 & 2, so I look forward to revisiting it this summer when Rock Band Blitz releases on PSN and XBLA.

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