[Rumor] Are "Next-Gen" Pokemon details already being leaked?

Posted on January 7, 2014 - 8:20pm by A Zero 2 Hero


To clarify again, this is only just a rumor. Take any information you may find about this subject with a grain of soft sand.

Hope you've been enjoying Pokemon X & Y on your 3DS, pokefans, because news is breaking reporting that new Pokemon games are already in the works. No, it's not any of the bajillion fan games people make, this is apparently the legit stuff. Nor is it the inevitable Pokemon Z Version (comically referenced as Pokeball-Z to death by now), this is a whole new generation of games for the long-running franchise, the project currently dubbing the next two games as 'Pokemon Plus' and 'Pokemon Minus'.

The titles of these games weren't the only things that were leaked, oh no-siree. This little news package came with a smorgishboard of information about the games, including the following:  

  • Before you gaze in awe and get all excited, this picture isn't an official screenshot of the game in development. It's just one of a bunch of concept art being passed around between Nintendo Co Ltd. and Pokemon Company. This concept art in particular was made by a fan named Even Liaw last year using an Unreal development engine, Beta-prototype hardware that Game Freak Inc. supposedly were the first to get upgraded to amongst the ranks of Nintendo. If anything, this means that Pokemon Plus and Minus are planned to be on the Wii U, marking the first time a mainline Pokemon game will be on a home console (unless you count Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness).
  • Story: The setting for these games will be coastal island-themed based on South East Asia, complete with a stone Slowking statue that parodies the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, Thailand. I'd rather not be the spoiler of a game's story, even if said game is not even past its embryonic/planning stage, so I won't really discuss the plot any further. I will say that if the details given are true, your rival/friend will thankfully play a much more pivotal role in your journey than any other human companion to date! Check the source link for more details if you wish. 
  • Gameplay: Game Freak plans to "completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process." They are also "going to put in a lot of ideas they have wanted to do for years in this game". Starting off with..well the starters, this batch will possess a much more unique pair typing than previous starters; Water > Water/Steel, Fire > Fire/Fairy, and Grass > Grass/Electric, exemplifying the rock-paper-scissors battle triangle to the extreme. For Pokemon purists, the more traditional gameplay including the quest for gym badges will be played on the handheld controller, while whole new game aspects will be played on the main screen. Those that become disinterested in the new kind of game can simply switch the handheld gameplay to the main screen.
  • One of these new gaming aspects will be aimed at those who actually don't wish to thrust their captured pet pals straight into superpowered combat; basically Poke-Rock Band, in which players cooperate with each others to make music for their Pokemon to dance to in order to achieve high scores. Let's just hope that this doesn't play like Wii Music
  • The online components of Pokemon are being taken to a whole new level. For instance, the locale of Pokemon Plus and Minus will be comprised of a mainland peninsula and smaller surrounding islands connected to each other via bridges and underwater tunnels. This mainland will be a main screen-exclusive "MMO environment", shared with both versions, with Pokebanks being physical buildings like the Pokemon center. You read that right. The magical three letter acronym that over millions of players have been praying to have associated with Pokemon for nearly a decade: M-M-O, where players can chat, trade, and even experience updated story events with other players!

Now there's a lot of other information that was disclosed about these projects that can be read by clicking the source link below, but I have to once again reiterate that as of now, these are only just rumors. These rumors were given to game news website Dual Pixels by a reliable source of theirs who goes by the name 'Geno'. Geno has proven to be a reliable source by disclosing other leaks within the game industry like reveals such as Castlevania: Mirrors of Fate for consoles, and Kingdom Hearts: HD 1.5 Remix. Linking the man back to Pokemon, within his accurate leaked coverage of E3 lineups included details of then unnamed Pokemon X & Y, details that almost were correct to a T, like it being in a full 3D world, including a new type being unveiled (which would become Fairy), and the increased online aspects. Geno's credibility isn't squeaky-clean however, as he also stated that a proposal was made to Retro Studios for a new Metroid game similar to the Metroid Prime series. This information would become debunked at a later date, stating that no proposal ever existed.

Now I'm not the kind of person who likes to post rumors and game industry gossip like this. I feel like rumors are not really worth the time to release to the public as it may be nothing more than incorrect information that will get people excited only to leave them disappointed. I'm giving this bit of news an exception because not only does it come from a credible enough source, but if anything else, it certainly does have quite an imagination attached to it, and would make a badass Pokemon game nevertheless. If this indeed does prove to be true, then at least we can then discuss the title of the eventual third version of the generation. I'm going to go with Pokemon Division.

Comment Question: Do you think this news is real or fake? Whether it proves to be true or not, do you like what you see so far, and what other game details would you like to 'add' or 'subtract' to Pokemon Plus & Minus (hehheh)?

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