[Rumor] Is Darth Vader Getting his own Game?

Posted on January 27, 2012 - 4:00pm by Samuraispartan7000


 As SW:TOR has come into full swing, speculation over Bioware and LucasArt's next big project is running ablaze.

Editor's Note: I cannot find very much evidence to support these rumors, but for arguments sake, wouldn't this be cool? And should it be more like Mass Effect or the Force Unleashed?

I have to say, over the nearly thirty year existence of Star Wars video games, I have been both surprised and disappointed to find that none of the games truly gives our favorite Sith Lord the kind of recognition he deserves.

\Essentially the main protagonist and antagonist of the entire saga, I feel Darth Vader is a villain whose brilliance in design is one that trumps those of the heroes who fight him. And as the Star Wars Saga is a literal account of the rise, fall, and ultimate redemption of Anakin Skywalker (Vader when he was a Jedi), I also came to expect the games would portray a similar theme.

But over the years I have seen that video games have not only neglected Vader, but have abused him as well. Anyone who has played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 or 2 would not be quick to argue against the fact that the games kind of "pussified” him a bit, as he fell to the hands of his own apprentice not once but twice. After experiencing TFU and several other Star Wars games, I thought my dream would probably never come true.

But if rumors and speculation towards Bioware and Lucas Art's next big project ring true, my hopes and prayers just might be answered.

In chat rooms, blogs, and forums scattered throughout the Internet, many are saying that Bioware plans to release an upcoming game that will allow you to play as the Sith Lord and his original persona as Anakin Skywalker

Even though I know some of you are probably cringing at the idea of reliving anything that involves the Star Wars prequels, what makes this news exciting is that people are speculating that you will be able to change the fate of Skywalker himself. By altering Skywalker's destiny, you can access alternate story-lines that are separate from the original.

Example - Instead of saving Palpatine from Mace Windu, you can allow him to execute the would-be Emperor, thereby evading Skywalker's inevitable path to the dark-side. And from there you can play the storyline as if nothing ever happened in a completely new story arc.

Speculators believe that the alleged game is borrowing much from alternative canons from the Expanded Universe such as the Star Wars Infinities comics, and the conical novel, The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader, which retells the events of all six installments from Vader's perspective. In essence, Bioware would be combining the manipulative plot controls of Mass Effect and some aspects of the Old Republic series in a title that features Darth Vader and Skywalker mixed in with much of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Personally, I am extremely excited, but conservatively so. No official word has come from any employee of Lucas Arts or Bioware not to mention the initiation of such a project would require the approval of the franchise's controversial creator, George Lucas. Right now, I think the idea is in its infancy, and speculation towards its possible existence is the first step that has been taken to make that idea a reality. All I can say is that the man who wiped out both the Jedi and Sith while serving as the face of one the most beloved franchises of all time truly deserves his own game.

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