[Rumor] Dovahkiin may be riding dragons to Morrowind in the next Skyrim DLC

Posted on October 16, 2012 - 2:04pm by Sean Hinz

The next update to Skyrim might have you riding your dragons as throwing Fireballs. The rumor comes from a bunch of gamers digging through the files included in an update. As you can see in the examples below the DLC might be called Dragonborn and includes mounts, armor, and quests that could take you as far as Morrowind.

  • $Crafting_$DLC2ArmorBonemold BONEMOLD
  • $Crafting_$DLC2ArmorChitin CHITIN
  • $Dragonborn Quests Completed Dragonborn Quests Completed
  • DragonMountedDualMagic.txt
  • DragonMountedMLhSolo.txt
  • DragonMountedMLhStaff.txt

Yes Morrowind, but not the mainland you’re familiar with. The location Solstheim is in reference to an island “northwest of Vvardenfell and east of Skyrim”. It is where the Dumner ended up after the Argonians invaded and is technically part of Morrowind. Other locations include “Telvanni, Castle Karstaag, Raven Rock and Miraak Temple”. I couldn’t care either way so long as the Dragon riding part of this rumor pans out, but how about the rest of the g1s?

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