[Rumor] Half-Life 3 to be an open world game for 2013

Posted on September 20, 2012 - 2:08pm by Sean Hinz

A source close to Valve (aren't they all?) claims that Half-Life 3 is on its way to launch in 2013. Due to a number of features being revised, the development schedule has been described as "very chaotic". The source also claims that while the title was originally a straight FPS, it was scrapped for something that is more about puzzles and exploration.

Not only that, but the game world itself will be “open-world" complete with "quests and NPCs”. While working several RPG elements into the mix, the game will not be episodic, but is in fact the true sequel in the trilogy. Sounds pretty far fetched, especially that open-world part, but it would at least explain the delay between Episode 2 and now. Still kind of crazy though.... What do you g1s think?

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