[Rumor] Have EA and Nintendo relations begun to sour over Wii U?

Posted on August 7, 2012 - 9:00am by southsing


Nintendo gave the middle finger to EA's service, Origin, on the Wii U. Special Thanks to Alpha Unit for bringing this to my attention.

Editor's Note: This comes from an unsubstantiated source on Reddit and should be taken only as speculation or rumor. Some of the facts do line up with real world events, but I doubt that so much information from such a meeting would leak. Additionally, I don't know how much information external parties would really be privy to i.e. "gained the good graces of Ubisoft and Valve". Nintendo seems far too careful to share Meeting Minutes with a competing third-party. Fact or Fiction, who really knows?

In the beginning, Nintendo worked with EA to create the online codes, username accounts, connections to social networks, and pretty much everything to do with the online services. In return, Nintendo would allow EA early access to Wii U development kits before all other companies developing for the Wii U. This was good news for BioWare, who apparently wanted to put a Mass Effect trilogy collection and Dragon Age 3 on the Wii U. Here is where things started to get messy.

Nintendo of Japan and EA were meeting in Kyoto, where the Nintendo of Japan representatives where showing EA their new online services, the Nintendo Network and Miiverse. According to someone who was at the meeting, the EA executives “got greedy”. EA offered a deal to Nintendo to bring tablet and mobile connection to the Wii U, along with grouping and Facebook and twitter.

Along with this, they would give Nintendo high quality online services that would be even better than Xbox Live and PSN. The catch? Nintendo Network and Miiverse would have to become Origin exclusive.As you may have guessed, Nintendo immediately rejected the proposal, seeing as it would do WAY more harm than good.

Good news for Nintendo however, is that this news greatly pleases other third parties such as Ubisoft and Valve. In a way, Nintendo lost the good side of EA, and gained the good graces of Ubisoft and Valve. It is also rumored that Valve is hard at work at 5 games appearing on the Wii U over the next 5 years, starting with a Left 4 Dead prequel.

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