[Rumor] Leaked GameStop banner points to new Batman game being announced next week

Posted on February 28, 2014 - 5:00pm by Ryan Conway

An alleged GameStop banner is acting as a Batsignal of sorts, calling out for an announcement of a new game starring the "Dark Knight."

Earlier today, an anonymous Internet citizen, claiming to be a GameStop employee, posted the following image online, stating that it's a banner that will be displayed in GameStop stores starting on March 3:

While there's a possibility this is an advert for the upcoming Arkham Origins DLC, I doubt it is, since this logo doesn't match up with its frozen content.

If the display image is legit, there's a good chance this title will be the third proper installment in the Arkham franchise and will be developed Rocksteady. I say this since a trio of Riddler-esque clues pointing to such an occurrence have sprung out over the past several months.

For instance, in mid-2013 (just before Arkham Origins' first full-length trailer hit), long-time voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy let it slip that he was voicing the bat in a new Arkham game that wasn't Origins.

Exhibit B is a juicy rumor that popped up last November. Mysterious job listings appeared on a UK employment site, which were allegedly submitted by Rocksteady as a recruitment tool to bring in talented designers to work on "what has been tipped to be one of 2014's most successful games."

The third clue is one that emerged online just a few weeks ago. There were reports from a Dutch journalist that Rocksteady's higher-ups had a behind-closed-doors meeting with members of the press. The journalist also claimed this meeting was concerning the coverage of the studio's next game but there's an embargo currently in place to keep the media quiet. An embargo that's said to expire in March.

I should stress again these clues are mostly the stuff of rumor, so there's a chance they won't add up to a big Rocksteady related Batman announcement on Monday. But the banner looks like it could be real and lets face it, Rocksteady reasserting control over the franchise seems like an inevitability. So we'll just have to stay tuned to the appropriate bat time and bat channel to find out what's up.

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