[Rumor] Leaked "screenshot" may point to a Prince of Persa reboot

Posted on August 5, 2012 - 8:20pm by Ryan Conway

The following screenshot:


It looks like we may have ourselves a new prince.

Was “leaked” onto the Ubisoft forums for all to see earlier today with the person who posted it claiming it belongs to a brand new Prince of Persia reboot currently in development.

Could it be real? Or is it an elaborate fake? It’s rather hard to tell at this point, especially without any comment from Ubisoft. But in an odd coincidence, another screenshot was “leaked” on NeoGAF back in May, which shows a silhouetted man who looks very similar to the prince featured in the screenshot that was posted on Ubisoft’s forum.

Here’s the NeoGAF screenshot:

I guess this gives new meaning to the pharse, "hidding in plain sight," huh?

Of course this doesn’t exactly make the current leak more legit and it should also be said that there is a possibility that these pictures are real but not taken from a game in development but rather from the Prince of Persia reboot that was planned back in 08 but was ultimately canceled.

So, these screens are either real, fake, or real but are taken from a project that has been long since terminated. Personally, I’m hoping they’re real, as it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Prince of Persia game and a reboot could be what is needed to breathe some new life into the series.

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