[Rumor] New Metroid Prime for Wii U in development?

Posted on January 12, 2012 - 2:00pm by Andrej

NeoGAF user Tovarisch has noticed that Retro Studios, developers of the Metroid Prime series, have recently hired several people from Naughty Dog and Vigil Games for a new titled scheduled for release this year. This of course kickstarted a bunch of rumors, speculating on what big thing Retro Studios could be working on with such an assemblage of talent.

It's likely that that the mystery game is being developed for the Wii U, as Retro Studios did receive Wii U development kits some time ago. They've also stated that they're working on "something everyone wants to see" which led some people to believe that they are in fact working on a new Metroid Prime title.

Now, obviously it could also be pretty much anything else - Miyamoto did put a lot of trust into Retro Studios after all. But seeing as how the latest Zelda game is only a few months old, a sequel should be out of the question (at least for now). Besides, since Retro Studios hired designers who worked on Uncharted and Darksiders, it's safe to assume that the new game will also have a more mature and serious look to it - which makes a new Metroid title pretty likely.

You can follow the ongoing discussion/speculation at NeoGAF here.

So, what do the g1s think? Is a new Metroid title likely? What would you like to see?

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