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[Rumor] Nintendo working on a cartrige to stream content from the Wii U to 3DS

1/6/13 9:00pm

Editor's Note: As cool an idea as this is, I'm not totally buying it. Sure the Wii U GamePad is essentially a bigger (although more advanced) DS and the 3DS is capable of processing some great visuals but I'm not sure it can handle the task of being a GamePad. Does the 3DS have the graphical capabilities needed to play Wii U games? Could the resolution settings of the Wii U games be downgraded when played on the 3DS hardware? I don't know. Using the 3DS as basic control for the Wii U on the other hand, is something I'd find more believable and a great idea within itself.

I do like the idea of a second GamePad and this would surely give people who already own a 3DS a nice, cheaper alternative to buying a separate controller. So hopefully there's some truth to this and Nintendo can somehow pull it off.

A new rumor has emerged from the French Nintendo fansite Nintendo-Master.com, which speculates that in the future, the 3DS could become a Wii U tablet of sorts, thanks to a cartridge add-on that Nintendo-Master's sources say is "currently in development"!

This cartridge will allow a sort of streaming similar to the Wii U and the GamePad and it will allow the 3DS to be a controller for your Wii U. Unfortunately, only those who bought the Circle Pad Pro accessory will be able to use this feature, if this "product" becomes a reality. 

Wii Daily U thinks this Nintendo DS cartridge patent image Siliconera dug up a couple of years ago could be an early prototype of this rumored 3DS add-on:

WUD suggests a receiver capable of transferring data between the Wii U and 3DS could fit inside this cart.

What do you think about this?

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