[Rumor] SimCity 5 concept art leaks with details

Posted on March 1, 2012 - 3:00pm by Sean Hinz

NeoGAF, the source of all things leaking these days, claims that a German magazine GameStar has produced the information on the next big SimCity game, aptly called SimCity. Under development at Maxis, SimCity will be running in a new engine called Glassbox and will allow users to view their city down to street level. As you make progress in the game, buildings will improve with more customization options. There is an improved day/night cycle and a local newspaper (SimCity Wire) will keep you informed of happenings going on around your city.

Each city will also have its place in the “world” bringing a multiplayer component to the game, where you can compete against friends on a leaderboard in fields of growth, economic expansion, and resource management. Inspiration for the multiplayer seems to stem from how SimCity 2000 Network Edition behaved, but on a much grander scale. While this is all speculation at this point, I like what I am hearing. The specifically mention mouse and keyboard, so PC is the only platform we can guess at, but looking over these pictures has me excited. Expect an official announcement from Maxis at GDC next week.


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