[Rumor] Smash Bros. 3DS verison will be retro-based?!

Posted on August 1, 2012 - 7:00pm by matman5321

Zelda Informer has reported that they got some information from an anonymous source that the next Smash Brothers game will focus on different properties for each version.

The 3DS version will focus on retro properties while the Wii-U version will focus on more modern properties.  The source goes on to mention that the 3DS version, called Super Smash Brothers Memories, will include Donkey Kong Jr., Ridley, Pac-Man, Takamaru, Mach Rider, Dig-Dug, and Stanley the Bug Man.

The source claims that the game will be released holiday of next year, but no word on the Wii-U version. The rest of the letter is located in the source if people want to read it.

I think that, if this is true, that this will be a good way to include all the characters that fan want, like Stanley the Bug Man!

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