[Rumor] THQ undertakes WWE license for last time

Posted on June 13, 2012 - 12:02pm by Majame

It seems as if THQ just can't catch a break. First, it was the cancellation of several games that were in the plan of development. Then it came a big one at E3 when the UFC franchise made their transition to EA (Or was it?). A rumors say that well, WWE is also on the way out.

Many say that WWE  '13 will be the last WWE game made by THQ, what even could support this rumor is the departure of both of Marcus Stephenson the community manager of the franchise, and THQ art director B. Chambers. Is this the idea of the new president Jason Rubin to cut them loose from the company? I hope not, because this could be easily the biggest lost for the company now (and maybe forever). THQ has been holding the license of WWE for more than a decade now and managed to create some of the greatest wrestling games of all times.

In addition to a no show at E3 at any level, the next video in YouTube from a user name "Sma11z99" have a pretty interesting things to say about this news in particular:

So if this is really going to be the last for the long WWE/THQ relationship, it's a really an inevitable question as to who will pick up this franchise and how they will deal with it. The only qualify company is EA (IMHO), but every time I remember the disastrous WCW games from EA back on the PSX and N64 I feel like I've just been choke slammed to the mat.

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