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[Rumor] Wii U costs $180 to manufacture, but MSRP is over $300

4/9/12 5:00pm

Wii U is clearly the front runner in the next generation of consoles, even if it isn’t truly on par with the rumored Durango or Orbis. Still with only a few months until E3, it comes as no surprise that more sites are speculating. Forget the Box has a source close to the manufacturing end of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U and they report that the cost of materials is only about $180.

Roughly a third of that cost is going to the controller itself and when you account for things like R&D, labor, marketing, etc. Kotaku is billing the console at over $300. The same source has also informed Forget the Box that Nintendo is concerned "with cutting production costs to maximize profits… Nintendo wants investors to view Wii U as a less risky proposition." Like any good business. Anyone surprised by this?

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