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From Russia with Love - the Russian government wants to develop video games and ban 'foreign' ones

10/14/13 7:10pm

Less bear cavalries, more vodka. For Mother Russia!

Editor's note: The picture was dead and I could find it on Zerochan, but I found something that I think captures the spirit of the blog. Great work A Zero 2 Hero!

 "The main thing we expect from the producers of video games is the realistic and historically truthful representation of events. A video game has to have not only an entertainment value, but it also has to teach and be conducive to patriotic education."

These were the words that Arseny Mironov, an aid to the Russian Culture Minister told Russian newspaper, Izvestiya, when talking about video games. Their latest plan on the matter is to have the Russian government make their own, more "patriotic" games, and ban other games that "distort history". 

Their first project is being headed by the Russian Military History Society, a game that will be about the inclusion of Russian military aviation during World War I. The game is expected to be inaugurated by 2014, and there also seems to be some discussion between the government and several undisclosed video game developers to make the game as well as future projects. Why are they doing this now? Mironov continued to explain:

"The RMHS feels the "Russian warrior" has been portrayed wrongly in past games, namely Company of Heroes II. In Relic's RTS title, Russian soldiers are portrayed as "criminals," the RMHS says, and the title also isn't translated into Russian. The culture ministry said that foreign games like this can "discredit the Russian soldier."

So apparently because of games like 'Company of Heroes II', Russia's mistrust of foreign virtual entertainment has escalated to a level where action must be made. I have never played the game, so maybe one of you g1s can explain where or when in the game is there a point that would cause such concern/outrage.

I hope that this would appear under the 'Do Not Ban' list

Later on, the government will also be giving out grants for "development of patriotic video games". You can expect one of these grants to go to a game-in-progress called 'You Don't Mess With Putin', a mobile game where Russian president Vladmir Putin fights a horde of zombies... preferably with his shirt off.

At this rate depending on the game's overall quality, MorningWood may need to update his list of 'Top 5 Best and Worst Educaional Games' sometime soon (you can check it out here: http://www.screwattack.com/news/top-5-best-and-worst-educational-games). Better yet, maybe this could the right opportunity to make a new/updated list- a list of Top [Insert Number Here] Russians in Gaming to show the RMHS the good representations of their culture.

Comment Question: Do you think this move by the Russian government is justified? Do you think that representation of Russian soldiers has gone too far, or has the Culture Minister's accusations of them have? What kind of educational game would you develop for your country?

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