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Posted on July 19, 2012 - 3:30pm by Woodyman


 I recently hosted a round of ScrewAttack Mafia in the forums. It was based off the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. ScrewAttack Mafia is essentially a murder mystery forum game and a war between an uninformed majority and an informed minority. The following blog contains the story posts that I've written for that game. 


WARNING: I wrote all of these story posts quickly, with little to no proofing, and as soon as they were due. There may be spelling or gramatical mistakes. 

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Trouble in Toontown:


Ch 1: Furry-ocity 

Greetings all, James O’Reilly back for an update on the latest trouble in Toontown. It’s been nearly a week since the last murder and I hope that it’s over.


Just in case, I’m having a video Town Hall meeting in just a few minute. The video meeting, will hopefully allow citizens and political figures a chance to speak of their concerns and fears without leaving the safety of their homes.


Just one minute to showtime and my lead detective on the case shows up at my side. With a mask on and a voice modification chip, hopefully he will survive and stay anonymous long enough to bust this case open.


6:00 on the dot, dozens of screens turn on, yet each screen is plagued with static. With the voices all distorted, and the faces blurred out, it’s impossible to tell who is who. I look over to my detective who simply nods and remains quiet. I guess it’s time to begin.


“Greetings citizens of Toontown. I understand there is a lot of concern for your safety and I wanted to assure you all that we are dealing with it the bes…”
“Dealing with it?” A sharp voice cried out. “How are you dealing with this threat when half the cops on your force quit and nearly all of the citizens are in hiding?”
A loud shout of approval rang out from nearly every screen.
“Yes, it’s true we are a bit understaffed… but I never have never failed Toontown and I don’t plan on starting now. That’s why I flew in my number one detective to help us.”
The screens remained silent as they waited for the detective to say something… but he remained deathly quiet.

“What can he do that you can’t?” Yelled a booming voice

I continued “Detective X, as I’ll call him, has specific trai…”

The detective spoke “I have solved more murder cases, and beaten more terrorist plots than I care to recount. If you dare doubt my skill again, then you may come out of your hidey hole and solve this case yourself.”


I continued once again “First thing we must do, is find out what this group of murderers is after and then we got to find out who they are.”


The screens cut to black. Red text appeared on the screen… it read.
‘Greeting Captain and Detective X. We are the MOD Squad and we want to let you know what we want. It’s quite simple really. We want Toontown. We will murder everyone who stands in our way or has power. This town is ours, so give it up, or get out.’
The screen cut to black again and I looked at the detective and said “We are not going to give up this town, and we surely won’t let anyone else die!”


The screen cut in again. It was blurry at first but as the video began to focus, I could see clouded eyes, scrunched up face, and brown fur of one of my finest cops. She was an expert at infiltration. She was tied to a chair, and her whiskers flinched with fear. Font appeared on the screen again that read ‘Get out of Toontown’. Then I began to hear a low rumbling noise. The screen showed my mole fighting for her life, trying to squirm away but there was no chance. I saw a small drop of liquid fall from the sky and land on her with a sizzle. Oh no… it was ‘Dip’ one of the only things that can kill a toon. Her loud scream pierced my eardrums, but there was nothing I could do. I screamed “Yuna! No!” The slow stream of dip ate away at her until there was nothing left but one twitchy little whisker.


I turned to Detective X, but he was already gone.

Hopefully he had a lead.


Ch 2: Mob Mentality

Hey all,

James O'Reilly here for another update in Toontown. Since the public death of Yuna the town's been nearly completely abandoned. I'd say just a few of us remain... Some of the remaining citizens are my fellow cops, political figures, those Mod Squad scum, and just a few regular citizens too. Everyone is scared, but like me, they all don't want to give into these terrorist demands.


To try and calm the public I decide to hold a town meeting in the police headquarters. With me, few cops, and especially Detective X, there's no way that the MOD Squad would try anything down here. The whole town showed up... all 24 of them. And by one quick glance it was impossible to tell who was innocent and who was guilty. I even knew that Detective X was somewhere hidden among the crowd, but he's a master of disguise. It would be easier finding Waldo in a barber poll factory.


I run upstairs to my office to grab my notes when suddenly I hear a commotion going on down below.

The crowd is at each other's throats. They're ready to kill each other...
As soon as I go downstairs, I see a fight's broken out. There's a giant dustcloud of people, like you see in the cartoons, all you see are fists, in a flurry.


I scream stop, and when I do luckily everyone does.
Only two people remain on the ground.
One of them is MisterBo, the town drunk. Luckily he's fine, just a bit dazed as can be seen by the Tweety Birds circling his head.
The other is Abrams X, an odd human citizen who thanks to an anvil landing on his head, believes he is a cowboy. Luckily I mean the 10-gallon hat and pistol cowboy, and not the actually bovine/man hybrid. He's not moving at all. Upon closer inspection it's revealed that during the scuffle he was trampled on and his skull caved in... he was dead.


While everyone stares at the dead Abrams X, and the dizzy MisterBo.
Font appears on the computer screen which read.

"Nice job killing one of your own." ~MOD Squad


I exhale... I'm getting too old for this shit.


Ch 3: Elementary My Dear...

Since the untimely death of cowboy Abrams X, I knew I had to do something to establish some sort of order in my town. Using my remaining police resources, I sectioned off the main part of town and set up a barricade of cameras and guards around the perimeter. No one was going to get out of this 3 square block radius. The remaining civilians, political figures, and criminals were all in a centralized location, where myself, Detective X, and a rookie we called Watson could hopefully watch over the town. I also deputized a local saloon bouncer to act as a bodyguard of known civilians.


So it was four of us and a handful of honest, hardworking, and stubborn civilians against five of the so called MOD Squad… or so I thought.


I was on patrol when I saw an odd green glow emanating from the basement of the Acme Warehouse. I quietly drew my pistols. One was a normal gun, the other a paintball gun with paintballs full of The Dip and made my way into the warehouse. While maneuvering around the boxes of TNT, trampolines, and black holes. I could’ve sworn I heard footsteps following me, but everytime I turned around there was nothing there. I made my way down to the basement and I saw a tall lanky fellow sitting in front of the computer. I couldn’t see his face but he was typing in some commands and then suddenly a video broadcast appeared on the screen. A few keystrokes later and this broadcast was on every screen in Toontown.


“Freeze” I screamed as I pointed both guns at the perp.

He spun around in his seat and I was saw it was none other than Waluigi. Waluigi wasn’t any sort of pseudonym or anything. Ever since the depression in Toontown, we had a few of the economically disadvantaged video game characters join our city. Waluigi from the Mario series was one of them.

“Nyah! Chief! Good to see you again.” He snarled.

“I thought you’ve given up on your bad deeds, Wal.” I said.

“Nope” he said and quickly pushed one more key on the board.

“what did you do, Wal?”

“Just sit back and enjoy the show Chief”


On the screen I could see that our rookie, Watson, tied to a chair in some basement. Four figures were surrounding him. A garbled voice rang out. “Tell the people who you are and why you’re here.”

Watson shuddered but spoke out bravely. “My name is Firehazard51 but my friends call me Watson, and what I have in my pocket is a clue to reveal the true names of this MOD Squad.”


The garbled group spoke again. “It’s too bad you’ll never get to reveal it.”
It was then that the group doused Watson in gas, and lit him up in a parade of flames. He screamed and any clues he could’ve revealed were gone. The voices spoke up again “Firehazard… ha ha ha… get it?”


The video feed cut out and I stared at Waluigi… “You son of a-“ before I could get in another word in a small quick creature giggled maniacally from behind me. Before I could turn around it rushed past me and used a pink sword made out of a pencil eraser to completely wipe Waluigi out of existence. It continued to run and giggle. I chased after it, but to no avail. It quickly busted open the crate of black holes and escaped. Well I lost my cop, but at least some psychopathic creature killed one of the MOD Squad. I’d call this a good day.


I turned to leave but as I did, white lettering appeared on the screen.

“Chief, I hope you’re watching.”

The screen turned back on and I immediately saw Detective X, with one of the shadowy MOD Squad struggling slowly in his hand.

Detective X pulled off the cloak to reveal the MOD Squad member, as none other than LilBill328. LilBill328 was a multi-colored turtle, with a rainbow shell, light up sneakers, and always seen wearing aviators. He was screaming “Yo, get off me you dirty pig!” but due to his turtle-like nature his struggling was quite slow. A loud bang of a truck backfiring made Detecive X jump, and he dropped LilBill328 who escaped through another black hole.


The chief smiled… one dead, one found out. Maybe there is some hope.


Ch 4: Turtle Soup

The night was finally over and the sun began to rise over Toontown. I hate the night, but the day is just as bad. The sun looked at me with his creepy, toony face and then it winked at me… Sometimes I wonder to myself, why the hell didn’t I become a cop in Boston.


I had the remaining civilians meet up at the town hall. I looked around the hall and noticed that two people were missing, Detective X and LilBill328. As I waited, I spoke to the crowd.
“As I’m sure many of you saw yesterday, Detective X caught one of the members of the MOD Squad. LilBill328 is a criminal and is extremely dang…”


I was suddenly cut off by muffled screaming.

Detective X dragged LilBill328 into the room and he was screaming and struggling attemptingto get free.


LilBill328 screamed.


“Shut up” said Detective X and shoved a large stick of dynamite in LilBill328’s mouth and lit it.
With a loud explosion LilBill reamerged covered in ash. “I’m a toon you dumbass that won’t work on me.”


“How about this?” Detective X said and shot LilBill point blank with a Dip Bullet.

LilBill’s head was completely gone and the rest of his body began to dissolve.

I couldn’t believe my eyes…

“You just killed a toon in cold blood!” I screamed.

And I’ll never forget what Detective X said then…

He said “The MOD Squad is a virus, the only way to stop it… is to kill it.”

Then he turned and left the room.


I shuddered and wondered if I made the right decision bringing him in, and what the hell is gonna happen tonight?


Ch 5: A Safe Bet

It was night time again, but of course I couldn’t sleep.

Instead I decided to roam the streets, looking for signs of the MOD Squad or looking for civilians in trouble. I decided to visit the current residence of my longtime friend and drinking buddy JohnnyFarrar. He was a retired firefighter but now ran an off the books establishment where you could place a bet on anything and he was one of the last human civilians left in town. If there was someone I could trust and just hang out with it’d be him. I knocked on his apartment which was over a local pub. Johnny opened the door quickly and had a gun pointed straight at my head. Once he realized it was really me and not some imposter he let me in and quickly latched all the locks. He sat me down, handed me a drink, and we immediately began to reminisce.


“So…” he began “Who do ya think is guilty.”
“I can’t tell ya Johnny, I just don’t know. I knew LilBill had some troubles but I never expected the kid to be batshit insane like he was. Seems like you can’t trust anyone.”
JohnnyFarrar nodded, there was nothing to say.
“The scariest thing is that whatever killed Waluigi, isn’t working for us or the MOD Squad. Plus it was the quickest toon I ever saw.”


It was at that moment the blur that killed Waluigi laughed from outside Johnny’s apartment. I looked down and cursed myself for not noticing before but somehow, someone tied a rope to Johnny’s leg, and the other end lead outside…


“Johnny quick!” I said as I dove to the ground to try and cut the rope but it was too late. With a loud roar a truck started up and the slack rope became suddenly taut. It pulled JohnnyFarrar out of the window and he landed on the street with a splat. The blur drove away, laughing, and dragging Johnny the entire way. All that was left of him was a bloody streak in the road.


Suddenly the screen in Johnny’s house turned on and so did every other screen in the city.

The green text of the MOD Squad read…
“Chief, we got you a present.”

Then the screen cut to the hollowed out body of a giant red fox. His name was Fox and he was a quiet man, but always the upstanding citizen… well he was. Now all the was left of him washis skin and the rest of his body… well I just can’t imagine what they did with that.

The text read again…

“It’s a fur coat, you can wear it to your funeral… Oh and we got one more surprise.”
A sniper shot rang out and a bullet grazed right by my head but passed through into the wall.


“Ha! You missed” I screamed.

“We didn’t” the text read.


I ran outside and followed the bullet trajectory all the way down the block. I continued to follow it and ran into the basement of the local grocery market. I opened the door to the bathroom and found a large black and white Walrus from the golden era of toons. It was Ben Be Jamin. He was shot dead on the toilet, and he didn’t even get a chance to wipe. I closed the door and let him rest in peace.


I went outside and sighed… three normal civilians dead in one night. How could it get any worse?


The screens turned on again and I saw Detective X with a… a… a vegetable peeler in his hand. He had it up to the throat of Atomic_Tomato2, who was in fact, just a giant tomato.
“Tell me what you know” Detective X said.


Yet at that time the video cut out, and I was left in the dark.


Ch 6: The Honorable Way...

The town was once again gathered around in the town hall. With the recent death of numerous civilians everyone was a bit paranoid. It’s impossible to tell who started it, but suddenly the entire group was ganging up on Fandango. Fandango was a human in Toontown, and an okay fellow. He stayed to himself mostly, but the same could be said of a lot of the civilians. Even though he was a human in Toontown, that didn’t mean he wasn’t eccentric. He always wore a top hat and those odd hypnotizing glasses you could buy out of the back of comic books.


The town was ganging up on him when suddenly Fandango did something I never expected. He screamed out “Fuck this shit! I’m a member of MOD Squad you caught me…” He pulled out a sword cane and committed seppuku with it. With his last dying breath he screamed “Fuck all of you” and then passed away.


I looked at Detective X and he just shrugged…

That was easy… too easy, I thought.


Ch 7: Snarky-Saurus


I met with Detective X in the basement of Ron’s Toy Store. We were discussing the recent suicide of Fandango.


“So there are only two MOD Squad members left huh?” I said.

“Yup… but don’t forget about that little psycho.” Detective X replied.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Do? I’m not doing a thing.”

“But it’s your job!”

“If I investigate again, I’m vulnerable…”

“Vulnerable? You selfish bastard! Someone is gonna die!”

“Let em… whoever dies tonight will bring us closer to victory.”

“You’re playing with people’s lives! This is not a game.”

“Yes it is… and we’re winning.”


A small giggle could be heard over are arguing.

“What was that?” I screamed

The giggle happened again and me and Detective X ran outside.
We slammed open the door to the street and saw Young_Yet_Retro running down the road… he was being chased by the small psycho.


“Ahhhhh!!!!” He was screaming as the psycho started to throw eraser daggers at him. The psycho had YYR cornered and we were too far away to help… The psycho grabbed a giant eraser lance and rested it on YYR’s throat. Suddenly loud booms could be heard from across the city. Everyone looked around and then we saw it. It was the enormous gorilla bouncer and in one swoop he picked up the psycho and tossed it all the way across town. It giggled and screamed “I’ll get my revenge!!!”


We heard another scream, this time coming from the toy store again. We ran to the building to find the door locked. I ran to the back and burst inside. I looked around on the ground floor and found nothing. The scream seemed to be coming from above so I quickly made my way to the roof. I opened the door and was shocked to see a human sized dinosaur strapped to a bed. It was Jomaravar the snarky dinosaur. Dangling above his head was a guillotine laced with dip.


“Jomaravar!” I screamed “Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay you moron?” He screamed

“Jeez… I was just asking.”

“Well next time you ask if someone is okay, maybe you should open your eyes to see if they are in mortal danger first!”

“Don’t worry we’ll get you out of there” I screamed


I took a step forward and tripped a wire. The guillotine stopped swinging and instead plunged

down into Jomaravar’s gut.

With his dying breathe he said “You’re a fucking moron.”

Then the dip dissolved the rest of his body.


The computer screen next to Jomaravar turned on…

“Another one bites the dust.”


Ch 8: Shaken Not Stirred

The morning sun winked at me one more time, and I shot at it. It easily took my regular bullets without any damage but seeing those X’s over its eyes gave me some temporary sanity.


I walked into the town hall to see everyone was arguing again. Pies were being thrown, anvils were being dropped, and about a dozen Acme devices were malfunctioning.


“Will you all shut the fuck up!” I screamed.

“This is not a game, people are dying and toons are being erased.”


“We know…” said one of the toons.

“We saw Koari here writing about the MOD Squad on one of the computers!” said another.


All eyes shot to Koari. He was squirming underneath the weight of the giant gorilla bouncer. Koari was a rabbit (I know… very original for a toon right?) well either way Koari was a bit different. He was a large green anthropomorphic rabbit with one blue head and one yellow head. The blue sane head called himself Koari while the yellow insane head called himself Kaori. They were small time crooks, and specialized in driving the getaway vehicle. It’s very easy to drive with two heads.


“If you knew he was a MOD Squad why are you throwing pies and shit?” I asked

“Cause Mr. Reilly… Koari almost got away, so we figured we’d start a riot… no toon can resist a riot” a toon replied.

“So what should we do with him?” I asked


Detective X answered by grabbing Koari by the throat and shoving him in a blender. He then poured a shot of dip into the blender and then turned it on. Koari’s screams mixed with gurgles and then nothing. Detective X poured Koari down the sink and left the room.


Ch 9: Lucky Twice

Hey readers, once again I’m Captain O’Reilly. Sorry for the delay in the last entry, there’s been some shit going on and I haven’t had a chance to write… yet.


Once again night has fallen upon the city. With our recent murder of Koari I guess I should be happy, but I’m still worried. Who is the last mafia member, who is the psycho? I have no idea, and if something doesn’t happen soon, I’m afraid there isn’t going to be a Toontown left to protect.


I was patrolling the street with Detective X when we heard the maniacal laughter of the psycho again. Suddenly the creature dragged itself out of the sewer and pointed it’s eraser sword at us.


“You!” it screeched.

“You are the reason all my play subjects are gone… there’s no one to kill anymore!”

It leapt at Detective X and began to stab him ferociously. Bit and pieces of Detective X’s disguise began to erase away until nothing but his face remained.


All the pieces of clothing reformed and there stood Detective X without his disguise on.

“So it is you, Mr. West” The Psycho screamed. “You won’t be immortal forever!” It screamed again and ran off.”


Now you may be asking yourself, what did the MOD Squad do during this time. Well apparently nothing.


Ch 10: Everybody Dies

I could tell that the civilians were anxious to end this. They were so anxious that they strapped four people on a giant wheel hoping that one of them would be the psycho or MOD Squad.


Strapped to the wheel was Flashpenny, a giant cartoon penny who always wore a trenchcoat and flashed people his naughty bits, MisterBo, a giant sheep-man in a tophat and cane,Ridkidjory, some odd creature that looked like a penguin combined with a platypus and who could only speak in weird grunts, and Naitokurabu, a giant speaker that always played annoying J-Pop music.


As the wheel spun each character was killed a different way. Flashpenny was thrown across the room into a giant gumball machine. Inside the gumball machine he was constantly beaten by erasers until he was gone. MisterBo was sheered and then had his skin massaged with dip until he was melted. Ridkidjory was impaled by a bronze unicorn and then eliminated with whiteout, and Naitokurabu was unplugged, and then thrown into a bathtub full of dip.


Once these four characters were dead the computer screens turned on and just showed a picture of a man eating popcorn. Then the maniacal laughter of the psycho was heard in the distance.


'Well that was pretty stupid' thought Myself and Mr. West.


The sun set, and the mafia/psycho are gonna strike again.


Ch 11: Re-Run


A small giggle could be heard over are arguing.

“What was that?” I screamed

The giggle happened again and me and Detective X aka Mr. West ran outside.
We slammed open the door to the street and saw Young_Yet_Retro running down the road… he was being chased by the small psycho.


“Ahhhhh!!!!” He was screaming as the psycho started to throw eraser daggers at him. The psycho had YYR cornered and we were too far away to help… The psycho grabbed a giant eraser lance and rested it on YYR’s throat. Suddenly loud booms could be heard from across the city. Everyone looked around and then we saw it. It was the enormous gorilla bouncer and in one swoop he picked up the psycho and tossed it all the way across town. It giggled and screamed “I’ll get my revenge!!!”


We heard another scream, this time coming from the toy store again.

Once we entered the toy store Mr. West and I took a look at each other and I said “Did all that seem familiar to you?” Mr.West shook his head and we ran toward the screaming. We broke through the office and saw that the screaming came from the remaining MOD Squad member. He was drunk off his ass and trying the stab the remains and trenchcoat of Flashpenny.


“I’ll kill you you sonovabitch.” He screamed.

He then ran out of the room.


Well that was uneventful.


Ch 12: Are We There Yet

I returned to the Town Hall to see all the remaining citizens in straight jackets bouncing off the walls. Their tormented voices cried out “Are we done yet?” “I just wanna go home” “Who’s mafia?” “Who’s psycho?” “WHERE AM I”?

It doesn’t take a toon shrink to realize that the length of this terrorism, and the fear of the unknown has made many of the toons completely insane. Even Mr. West was starting to lose it.


“Okay!” Mr. West screamed “There’s only one way to see who here is Mafia and who is Psycho… WE ALL NEED TO DIE!”


He pulled out his gun and just started firing randomly straight into the air. The bullets dipped in Dip shot out of the gun with amazing force. Once the firing stopped I turned and looked and everyone and was marveled to see they were all alive… That was until I heard this odd buzzing sound. Suddenly the bullets succumbed to gravity and began dropping one by one. One landed right by my feet but others weren’t so lucky. One of the bullets killed Hero of Lime, a super hero lime always toting a fancy blue cape while the other casualty was Megaman1s_lots, a blue robot who due to copyright law had spiked shoulder pads and a pet robot cat named Slow.


When both toons dissolved to the dip, the psycho laugh could still be heard and the computer monitor just showed the words “Haha”


Dammit, we just killed two more civilians.


Ch 13: All Together Now...

After giving a few timely slaps to Mr. West he finally regained his composure and was back to normal.



“Alright.” He said “The games almost over, it’s time to kick some ass.”

He rushed through the streets of Toontown until he reached the home of Shiznita. Shiznita was a small purple squirrel with a lime green tail and a voice so shrill it could make your ears bleed.

Mr. West aka Detective X busted down Shiznita’s door and placed a dip soaked blade right on the squirrel’s throat.

“Time to come clean… I know you’re the psycho.” Detective X said.


“So you finally figured me out huh?” Shiznita replied and then laughed the maniacal laughter we’ve all come to fear. “You know what Mr. West? When I killed your brother, I talked JUST LIKE THIS!” Shiznita screamed and while we were distracted by the squeal and the really weird saying… (Mr. West didn’t even have a brother) Shiznita ran off. We chased the psycho through the apartment building, and somehow ended up on the roof.


Once on the roof we heard screaming from a distance, we looked over to the neighboring building to see Shiznita attacking Young_Yet_Retro with an eraser sword. Young_Yet_Retro was almost dead but in a last minute move he grabbed Shiznita and then pushed a button on his chest. Suddenly, a loud explosion rose into the sky. The entire top of the apartment building was gone and so was YYR and Shiznita.


“Well that was a waste of an investigation.” Said the now mortal Mr. West.


While we watched the building burn the large jumbo-tron turned on and we saw Fanboy sitting in a chair. Fanboy was Hero of Lime’s sidekick, while he didn’t have any super powers himself, he was always seen by Hero of Lime’s side. He was an odd looking toon, around 4 feet tall with bright orange hair and a face full of acne… also instead of having normal human limbs he had 8 spider legs… yeah he was an odd one all right. Well as I was saying, Mr. West and I saw Fanboy strapped to the chair and the last remaining MOD Squad right next to him.


Green text shown on the screen “Didja miss me”

He then proceeded to rip off each of Fanboy’s 8 legs and then he took each of them and stabbed them right into Fanboys stomach. Once that was all done he took a dip laced spear and impaled Fanboy’s body on it.

Green text shown again “The gloves are off.”


The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night.


Ch 14: Beating a Dead Toon

I woke up the next morning to the sounds of screaming. I ran outside in my pajamas to find a hooded figure standing over a blur of colors. After rubbing my eyes and waking up a bit, I saw that every toon and human were lying on the ground but they were all deceased or inanimate. Hovering over the dead toons and humans was a hooded figure. The hooded figure was trying to stab all of the dead bodies. It was obvious he was drunk… again.


“I’ll kill you bitches!” he screamed.


“Alright that’s enough” I said and quickly tackled the hooded figure. I ripped off his disguise to reveal MexicanAnime! MexicanAnime is a cartoon character but not like any other one in town. He was drawn by poorly paid migrant workers who were told to recreate the classic Japanese Anime look… they obviously failed because he had the spikey hair and giant sword of an Anime character but also wore a sombrero and played maracas. He was weird.


Suddenly he charged at me with his sword raised!

“Die coppah!” he screamed while charged.


A large bang rang through the town and when the smoke cleared, MexicanAnime lay melting in the street. Mr. West stared at him… and said “Game over.”


So now the only one’s remaining in the town was Atmoic_Tomato2 a giant tomato who was in that horrible Attack of the Killer Tomatoes cartoon, who was also an accountant, 2200 a cartoon number from the Schoolhouse Rock series who would not stop singing, Thunderplant the giant gorilla bouncer, Mr. West and myself.


I looked at Mr. West and said “What next?”

“We rebuild…” he replied.

“We rebuild and then we live.”



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