The Saturday Strips Vol.133

Posted on March 29, 2014 - 2:00pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Saturday Strips! This week, Facebook on the Oculus Rift proves to be a revolutionary idea but one with painful consequences. Gabe admires InFamous: Second Son’s authenticity. One 8BitGamer tries gives Dark Souls a second chance. Two Kongs take some time to chill out. Leo shows off his sweet gamer skillz. A pesky fairy decides to fly beyond Link’s reach. Red and Giovanni have a little chat and Falco has no issue with leaving a man behind.  
More comics and artwork from these talented creators can be found at: (more of Scott Ramsoomair's work can be seen over at Super Effective (more of Andy Kluthe’s work can be seen over at Dorkly)
In other great comics that graced the web this week, Gabe and Tycho messed around with Heroes of the Storm. Jo wasn’t overly thrilled with Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR. Glitch played peacemaker. DeDeDe had a confession to make. Alex Di Stasi perfectly summed up March Madness. The Reaper found a new pair of pants. ARG and Lynn continued to be perfect for each other and Dorkly listed off eight characters that are Definitely Going To Die
If you’re up for a few more chuckles, there’s also the latest episode of Pokemon Rusty. This week, Rusty learned where Pokebabies come from. 
...And he started crying within 5 minutes.
Well, that does it for this week. Be sure to check back in next Saturday for another webcomics recap!

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