The Saturday Strips Vol.14

Posted on December 3, 2011 - 3:00pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Saturday Strips. This week, some Obscure Gentlemen take a fashionable stand against PETA. New DLC eliminates the need for wall humping. Nerfnow’s tentacle monster experiences Dota 2 (with sexy results). The great Battlefield 3/Modern Warfare 3 debate continues. A lonely nerd finally completes his Zelda timeline (with…tragic results). Skyward Sword joins the ranks of Andrew Gregoire’s forgotten Zelda game collection. Speaking of Skyward Sword, Penny Arcade continues its version of the epic tale. Max Payne 3 is given a very depressing  pre-order bonus. A Medicham gets its mindblown and Route 12 gets Occupied!

The Obscure Gentlemen by James Alvarez, Nick Alvarez, Travis Kennedy, Yama Rahyar, and Abe Valencia. Drawn by Aaron “Kal” Alvarez – Mario is Murder

Life in Aggro by Casey Vasquez & Fel Hsiao – Nothing humped. Nothing gained

Nerfnow! by Josue Pereira – Cleavage

A Dorkly comic by Julia Lepetit & Brian Murphy – Battlefield vs. Modern Warfare

loldwell by Caldwell Tanner – The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

I am ARG by Andrew Gregoire - The Negelecting of Zelda or I swear I’m not a gaming comic

Penny Arcade Presents: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword #3 by Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik

Critical Miss by Cory Rydell & Grey Carter- Max Payne

Rare Candy Treatment by Olle Johansson – Mindblowing

Virtual Shackles byJeremy Vinar and Mike Fahmie – Pikemon 

Before we call it wrap, I also wanted to say that Penny Arcade is currently five strips into a pretty funny D&D releated story arc that you guys should definately check out. 

Oh, and you might also notice that there are 10 featured comics this week as opposed to the regualar 8. Well, I was thinking of changing this up to give a wider variety of artists some time in the spotlight. What do you think g1s? Should I keep it at 10? Should I go back to 8 or even the original 5? Please tell me in the comment section. 

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