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The Saturday Strips Vol.27

3/10/12 4:00pm

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Saturday Strips! This week, VGCats shows us that maybe The Tester really does prepare people for a job at Sony. Yoshinori Ono responds to Capcom's latest controversy in a comic created by g1 Mokuu. Mushrooms show us that even they dislike Luigi. Ken Levine talks character designs in the latest from Virtual Shackles. Sinistar takes a break. Brentalfloss makes a rather esoteric Final Fantasy IV reference and does the Contra laser really suck? Yes. Yes it does. 

VGCats by Scott Ramsoomair - Factoring your fear

Street Fighter X Tekken on disc DLC: Ono's response by  Mokuu 

It Sucks to be Weegie by Kevin Bolk - Mushrooms

Virtual Shackles by Jeremy Vinar and Mike Fahmie - Character Design 101

A Dorkly comic by Owen Parsons - Sinistar takes a break 

Brentalfoss by Tom Preston (Andrew Dobson), Dan Roth, & Brent Black - Tellah Joke 

OhSat! by Andrej Preradovic - Lasers suck 

Before I conclude this week's edition, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to IamArg  on his recent engagement! Congrats buddy!

We here at ScrewAttack wish you and your fiance nothing  but the best.  

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