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The Saturday Strips Vol.6

10/8/11 3:00pm

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Saturday Strips, your weekly source for the best gaming related webcomics from across the Internet! In this week’s edition, Iris discovers the harsh realties of Dark Souls. Game store clerks get equipped with augmentations. Famous cyborgs order take out. One game has a long list of excuses. A PC panics at the sheer sight of Rage, and Trigger Star! provides a clever parody of RPGs.

Iris the VGGal by Hyunwoo Mac Ko– Iris and Dark Souls- Hallowed

Name Game by Elisa "LeeLee" Scaldaferri – Robutt arms

The Punchline is Machismo by Coelasquid – Not many cyborgs do

Dueling Analogs by Steve Napierski - It’s not my fault

NerfNow! by Josue Pereira – It’s Rage time!

Trigger Star! by Kevin Bolk- Random encounter

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