ScrewAttack is endorsed by Star Wars and the Devil

Posted on May 5, 2012 - 10:54am by dustballin


Screwattack may be powered by more than just the blood sweat and tears of the staff

Hey g1’s
Dusty from Podunk Studioz here (aka g1 Dustballin) taking a break from working on project beardman to present you with some interesting ScrewAttack screen grabs
Now tonight ScrewAttack’s top ten games you should play on your NES went up on GT, and while I was watching this screen came across my computer


It was upon further investigation I found some interesting things that may shed some light on why ScrewAttack is one of if not the greatest sites in the world, as with most politician we can trace their power by who endorses them, I have uncovered the secret silent partners of ScrewAttack.

Endorser number one:




Some may call it coincidence that this is the number of views the video had at the exact moment I watched I call it Divine or in this case more likely Demonic intervention 666 is the number of the beast and it is well known that anything that carries that number has been touched by the devil him leaving me to conclude that Screwattack has Beelzebub on their side

Endorser number two

Star wars



As it was pointed out to me that May 4th is Star wars day, (May the 4th be with you). So it was no bothan trick that the new top ten came out on this day, this I submit as eveidecne that ScrewAttack has the full support of both The Jedi Council and the Rebel Alliance, I don’t know about the empire they could not be reached for comment.

So with both the support of Star wars and the Devil himself it is no wonder why ScrewAttack and the g1 community are the greatest force on the internet

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